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The Most Expensive Breeds of Hairless Cat for Sale

Finding hairless cat for sale is not hard. They are sold basically everywhere because people love them. People want to keep them as a pet and this is the main reason why hairless cat has high price on the price tags. Hairless cat is essentially unique. They have distinguished physical appearance. With their lack of hair on the body, they are seen as something eccentric. What breeds of hairless cat have the highest price on the market? Here they are.


  • Minskin
    Minskin is one of the most expensive cat breeds with no hair on its body. This small cat is well-known for its baldness and cuteness. Their legs are quite small and short, making Minskin looks very adorable. Even though the physical structure of this hairless cat is tiny, Minskin has big personality. This cat loves to socialize and it loves people. The average price for people to buy a Minskin is around $1,500- $5,000.


  • Elf Cat
    Elf Cat is a unique-looking cat. It is hairless and has big ears. That is why this type of cat is called the elf cat. They do resemble elves on movies and books. Elf cat is very active and playful. Its unique physical appearance, sometimes completed by spots, makes them look so cute and adorable. Most elf cats are the product of Sphynx and American curl crossover. For the price, you need to pay for $2,500-$6,000 to get this hairless cat for sale.


  • Peterbald
    Peterbald is probably the most expensive hairless cat in the world. If you want to keep a hairless cat and you are avoiding a Sphynx, you can choose Peterbald instead. Finding a Peterbald is sometimes harder than finding Sphynx cats for rehoming. Peterbald are rarer compared to Sphynx. It has almost bald body, only covered with very fine hair and they have delicate structure on the body as well. Buying this playful and friendly cat can cost you anywhere at $5,000 – $8,000.


Now, it is clear that keeping a hairless cat, especially those three breeds above, will not be something too cheap to do. Make sure you have money to begin with purchasing, and the money for aftercare, such as for grooming, special diet, vet visits, and so on. If you think you are not ready for all of those, refrain yourself from finding hairless cat for sale today and wait until you are ready.

Basic Information about Serama Chicken

Serama chicken is also known as Malaysian Serama. The chicken comes from Malaysia, especially from the Kelantan state. It is an ornamental breed and famous as smallest chicken breed among all of chickens breed around the world. Their weight is less than 500 grams in average. Further, it is chicken breed that is created through crossing of local Malaysian bantams and Japanese bantams. Commonly, the chicken can be pet for pleasure or for production. Although the world recognizes the chicken, they are not that famous in their native place.

Since there are many people who are interested in keeping the chicken as chicken breed, it is good to know about the chicken further. Let’s get started from the physical characteristics. As mentioned before, they are known to be the smallest chicken breed. As stated before, the weight can be less than 500 grams, but it can be smaller in their native place. Serama chicken in its native area is available less than 250 grams. What a small one, right? Overall, their appearance looks like an archangel chicken and brave warrior. It can be said like that since its breasts is pushed upwards and high enough. Additionally, the wings almost touch the ground.

In the USA, there is a range of Serama chicken size that is made to group the chickens. According to SCNA, A class is for hens with 11 ounces or 325 grams and cocks with 13 ounces or 350 grams. B class is for hens with 14 ounces or 425 grams and cocks with 16 ounces or 500 grams. C class is for hens with 17 ounces or 525 grams and cocks with 19 ounces or 600 grams. There are additional sizes: cockerels (up to 16 ounces or 500 grams) and pullets (u to 14 ounces or 425 grams).

Now, it is about the chicken behavior. As mentioned earlier, it can be a house pet since it is not afraid with human. They are friendly and safe to be a house pet. The mature chicken is in age 16 to 19 weeks and the hens can lie for all year round. It lays light brown eggs and the size tends to be small. In addition, the chicken can adapt well in hot climates because they are from tropic area. Yet, they can live well in cold climates with special care. As an ornamental and chicken breed, the life span of Serama chicken is 7 to 10 years.

Amberlink Chickens and Things You Should Know about the Brown-Egg Layer

Amberlink chickens are known as one of the best brown-egg layers. They are famous among the farmers because of some good benefits they give. Mostly, they are in white color and lay brown eggs. If you wish to start farming eggs for profit or family, Amberlink or Hy-line are highly recommended in this field. Actually, there are various egg layers, but those two are the best ones to start. Let’s focus on the Amberlink and dig more information about it.

Eggs are favorable for all ages. When it is consumed by children, it is good for their growth because eggs are a great source of high vitamins and protein. The needs of eggs seem endless. They are needed every single day. Hence, many people are interested in starting an egg production unit. In starting the business, it is okay to get started from a small scale. A small scale production unit will do if the management is well-handled. In the future when the profit is stable, it is recommended to make it larger. Let’s get started.

Having an egg production unit can be helpful for making profit or for household consumption. In order make one, having 9 to 12 Amberlink chickens is a great number to start. Regarding the chickens keeping, prepare a cage to keep them. It is best to do since they will be more manageable. It is okay if the cage is not that large, but make sure the size is perfect for 9 to 12 chickens. As a suggestion, try to get a cage with size 70cm wide and 120cm long. Make three compartments for the cage. Making a purchase or custom cage can be done.

Why does it need three compartments? When hot climates come, the chickens can be placed in those compartments evenly. Meanwhile, the chickens are suggested to be placed in one compartment only to warm-up all the chickens. Next, when do Amberlinks start laying? For your information, they will lay some eggs in age of 20 to 21 weeks. Therefore, it is best to buy the chickens when they are 18 to 19 weeks old. That age is perfect to start laying eggs.

Additional information for keeping chickens that are egg layers is related to how long you should keep them. In fact, the chickens are good to keep for one year only. In next year, sell them for slaughter and buy some new ones. They are all basics of farming Amberlink chickens.

How to Find the Right Sphynx Cat Breeders?

Sphynx cat breeders can be found quite everywhere. Considering that Sphynx is a unique kind of cat, especially on its appearance, people have high interest in keeping them. It is seen as a great business for cat breeders. That’s why most of them are focusing on breeding Sphynx cats. If you want to buy a Sphynx cat from a breeder, how is to find the right one? Find out the answer to that question down below.


  • Choose a Breeder with High Experience
    A cat breeder with high experience, especially when dealing with Sphynx cats, is the one to choose. A good cat breeder must have participated multiple times in cat shows. When a breeder has the experience of attending cat show, it is a sign that their cats, including their Sphynx cats, are meet the perfect standard and most likely in fit, prime conditions.


  • Choose a Breeder who Provides Warranty
    If Sphynx cat breeders can provide a warranty, it is a sign that he is a professional breeder. Most professional breeders are willing to offer health guarantee to the Sphynx kittens they sell. If they want to give at least 1 year of warranty on the Sphynx kittens, it will give you plenty of time to examine the kitten. If the kitten suddenly develops health defects or health issues related to genetic, a responsible breeder should make action and mend the problem.


  • Choose a Breeder who Can Sterilize the Kittens
    Many people want to keep a cat at home but do not want them to reproduce. They do not want to have too many kittens at home and have to give away hairless cats for free. If you are on this page as well, you need to choose a breeder that has the ability to sterilize a kitten. If a breeder can spay and neuter their kittens, you do not have to do it on your own, which can cost you time and money. However, if you want a Sphynx cat that will produce kittens in the future, choose a breeder that can bring un-spayed or un-neutered cats for you.

Now that you know what it takes to choose the right breeder, you will most likely end up with high-quality and experience cat breeder that leads you to a healthy Sphynx cat to keep. Remember to always consider all those considerations before decided to go to Sphynx cat breeders and get a cat from them.

Tips to Safely Choose Cheap Sphynx Kittens for Sale

Cheap Sphynx kittens for sale are available everywhere. Sphynx is one of the most famous cat breeds all over the world. It is well-known for its hairless appearance. Being a very unique cat, Sphynx kittens are mostly sold for money, not just available at shelters for adoptions. If you want to have a Sphynx kitten at home to keep and rise, how safely find and buy them? Here are some tips about that.


  • Visit a Breeder in Person
    Sphynx cats that are for sale are usually available at cat breeders. In order to get the best Sphynx, you need to visit the cat breeder in person. Do not perform the transaction online or just by phone. You need to visit the breeder and see the condition of the cat with your own two eyes. You need to make sure that the Sphynx cat you are about to buy is really in fit condition and 100% healthy.


  • Ask to See the Parents of the Kitten
    Purchasing a kitten for sale is something big, especially because you need to pay huge amount of money to bring a Sphynx kitten home. You do not want to waste the money by getting a sickly, unhealthy kitten. This is why you need to make sure that you have met the parents of the kitten before you bring it home. Even though it is cheap Sphynx kittens for sale, it does not mean that the quality should be lower and the origin of the kitten is unknown.


  • Examine the Supporting Paperwork
    Professional cat breeder usually prepares paperwork for the cat purchasers to see. Even though you are looking for Sphynx cat, which is usually a product of purebred parents, you still need to see the paperwork. In the paperwork, the birth certificate of the Sphynx kitten for sale should be available to see. Besides of that, the paperwork usually contains medical tests of the kitten as well as the certificate of spay/ neuter. Sometimes, breeders also include the certificate about the origin of the kitten, including about the parents.

Purchasing a kitten is not highly recommended. Many people always suggest cat lovers to adopt, not buy. However, for exclusive and unique breed, such as Sphynx, there is a small chance for them to be available for adoption. Just in case you really need to buy one, consider all those tips above to find cheap Sphynx kittens for sale.


The Reasons Why Basement Smells Like Sewage and How to Fix it

When your basement smells like sewage, everyone in the house will have to endure with unpleasant odor all day long. Basement is indeed located underground, below the main part of the house. Being under everything, it is prone to unpleasant odor, especially sewage odor. Why is this happening? Below are the reasons why the basement can be filled by unpleasant sewage odor. You will also find the way to fix it.

Leak in the Toilet Seal

One of the most common causes of why the basement smells like sewage is because the toilet seal is leaking. The toilet base and the toilet flange is connected by a sort of ring seal. If this seal is not properly installed, there will be leak in the seal and the unpleasant smell from the sewer gas oozes through the leakage and fill your basement with that bad, dreadful smell. The solution to fix this problem is by fixing the ring seal. You can seek professional help from plumbers to help fixing the ring seal.


Water in the Toilet Trap

Toilet is indeed contributing quite a lot of times in causing the bad sewage odor in the basement. Not only the improper ring seal, but the toilet trap can cause the bad odor. This often happens to toilet that has not been used for weeks. The water in the toilet trap starts to smell bad and affecting the smell of the basement. To correct this situation, flush the toilet multiple times and use sewage odor neutralizer to get rid of the bad smell.


Broken Sewer Line

If the sewer line around the house is cracked, or worse broken, the bad smell of the sewage easily escapes from the sewer through the cracks. It travels down and mostly fill the basement. Broken sewer line is a major problem. Most people with no expertise in plumbing will not be able to fix this problem. You do need professional help if the sewage smell in the basement is caused by broken sewer line.

Now it is clear that there are quite a lot of factors that can cause bad sewage odor to ooze in the basement of your house. Make sure you check the information above and understanding the solution. That way, if someone there’s odor problem in your basement, particularly sewage odor, you do not have to get confused determining why your basement smells like sewage.

Always Adjust Mirrors after Adjusting Your Seat!: Why and How to Do It

It is really crucial to always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat before driving. This is a part of safety measures that every driver should know before tackling the road. When taking a test to obtain driver’s license, the assessor will expect the driver to do this. It is also a popular test question companion to poorly tuned engines do not get good gas mileage. a. true b. false. Unfortunately, many people skip this step before driving. Perhaps because they do not think that it is important enough. Why do you need to perform these two activities synchronically? Why do they have to be done at all?

Driver’s seat has standard arrangement that easily accommodates many kinds of people. However, to be very comfortable while driving the seat needs to be adjusted specifically to that driver. The seat must be adjusted properly so that driver can access pedals and driving control panel with ease. When driver has full control on the vehicle, safety in driving can be maximized. In addition to that, when you are adjusting the driver’s seat based on your own body dimension and posture, road visualization will be much better. It can prevent accidents.

When making adjustment on the seat, driver should also making sure that shoulder harness and the seat belt felt firm yet comfortable against their body. Seat belt must hug the hips snuggly while holding shoulder area quite tight. This rule applies to seat belt in other seats as well. Driver should also adjust the head restraint on the back of their head so the back and sides of skull are protected well.

As a driver, you must always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat. All mirrors, the rear view and side ones, should be adjusted according to arrangements that have been made to the driver’s seat. If the mirrors are not adjusted, driver will not be able to get clear visualization, particularly from the back of the car. Because of that, driver cannot get accurate warnings from behind the car. Parking the car is nearly impossible without the help of well-adjusted rearview and side mirrors.

Of course, there are other things that you must do before driving the car into busy roads. The inner part of the car must be controlled so passengers will feel comfortable during ride. It includes adjusting ventilations, air conditioner, and all seats. Ensuring comfort for everyone in the ride is equally as important as making sure that safety is placed as priority. Please remember this before you are driving: always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat!

Afrocentric Shower Curtain Available Options in the Market

Afrocentric shower curtain is a great option when it comes to enhancing your bathroom cabin. Shower curtain, apart from its function to give privacy that you need, is also essential to enhance aesthetic atmosphere in your bathroom. There are immense choices that you can get for bathroom, in which the many variations make you easier in choosing the right one. Below are African shower curtains for sale that are available in the market. Each of them is ready to level up your shower cabin!

Dripping in Melanin shower curtain

Text is one of best ways to express your thought. If you do not want to go too much for shower curtain, this curtain with Dripping in Melanin text will express your feeling. The simple words are enough to show your personality. Designed in white background, the text looks contrast in black and gold shade. To enhance the design, it comes with dripping accent. This is what you need to cover the shower cabin in style.

3D Afro girl shower curtain

There are plenty choices if you are going to install shower curtain in 3D Afro girl design. Either full body or half body, 3D Afro girl printing will be able to improve the interior of your bathroom. As tips to choose Afrocentric shower curtain, you should not go too much for this. Since there are many variants to opt for, fall your decision on shower curtain that matches your personality. Single huge printing is considered better than small faces of Afro girls.

Family Afro shower curtain

If you share bathroom with entire family, this shower curtain option is what you need to choose. This curtain comes with fresh printing of Afro family. Not only does the curtain look good on shower cabin, it also gives different accent for your shower time. High quality printing makes this curtain looks real. The shower curtain is also able to describe the real life of your family.

Big red hair shower curtain

Afro girl with big red hair looks unique. Instead of showing off the big black hair, this shower curtain printing design will be a refreshing choice for your cabin. The cherry blossom flowery background improves the appearance of this shower curtain. This will match perfectly for your minimalist or feminine bathroom concept.

Which shower curtain looks best for your cabin? No matter Afrocentric shower curtain you choose, make sure to mix and match with bathroom interior design.

Get the Sparkling Grout with Finazzle Grout Cleaner

Finazzle Grout Cleaner is the answer to all grout problems at your house. You usually find it quite annoying looking at dirty grout between tiles. The dirt always left after several days even though you already clean it. It may be because you did not clean it with Finazzle cleaner. Therefore, before it is too late and the dirt becomes hard to clean, now let’s go purchase this amazing cleaner.

You don’t need to worry anymore about the Finazzle grout cleaner ingredients. It is because this cleaner is made of natural ingredients that are totally safe for your skin. This brand is made in USA, and it has been 24 years family-owned. Besides the ingredients, the directions for using it are also very easy to follow. There are many people who already know how it works. They proof it by themselves that the cleaner is working so well. They find their grout look so clean and new again after using this cleaner.

If you find your grout in kitchen countertop, bathroom, shower floor, or any rooms at your house really dirty, just try this Finazzle Grout Cleaner. The result will amaze you and your family. You do not need to worry about the other cleaner product anymore. Well, if you already have this product on your hand, let’s learn how to use it.

There are dos and don’ts that you must pay attention. You need to always read the directions on the package before using it. After reading all of the directions and understand it, you can start cleaning the grout. Never mix any other cleaner products with Finazzle cleaner, or it will put you in a bad situation. Remember that you should not use the compressed green scrub pads on tile, plastic, glass, fiberglass, or fixtures because they the pads can harm them. Just use a stiff nylon brush instead for such surfaces.

If you follow all of the directions written, there will be a hundred percent warranty that you get the best result. Since it works really well, most people feel that’s worth buying it. This is your chance to prove it on your own. Ask your family member to help you and see what is happening to the grout. They will be amazed as well in how this cleaner works. Whatever dirty rooms which need to be cleaned, Finazzle Grout Cleaner makes the grout super clean as new.

The Easy Way to Anchoring Dishwasher to Granite Countertop

Well, you may find anchoring dishwasher to granite countertop is difficult. However, after you read this article till done, you will realize anchoring dishwasher is not that hard. You can install dishwashers using bracket and screws on your typical countertops. Marble, stone countertops, or granite, cannot be tapped and drilled with screws. It is a must to use adhesives. Appliance and cabinetmakers installers use a simple trick when anchoring dishwashers under granite countertops. It is really efficient. Anyone can do it permanently to secure the dishwasher without any adverse effects to your expensive granite countertop.

Before starting attaching a dishwasher to a granite countertop, you need to pay attention to a few things. Read these directions carefully to get the good result.

Faceplate and brackets

The first thing you need to do is locating the support brackets to dishwasher. You may find difficulties to access from the front after succeed anchoring dishwasher to granite countertop. It is better to remove tiny metal filler on the top of dishwasher or its faceplate. It is also usually installed on little metal clips and made easy to come off. If the filler or faceplate hard to come off when you pry on it with both hands, use a screwdriver to pop the brackets off gently. Then set it aside.


Feet and positioning

You will find four leveling feet on dishwasher. The next thing is to turn the feet clockwise to drop dishwasher. Do it until the brackets on top of dishwasher become fit under top granite without touching it. No need to worry if they rub a bit. You can slightly bend if. After that, hook up the dishwasher. It depends on how long the electrical wire and hoses are. Hook up everything and slide dishwasher into the place under granite top. Then, mark the locations on underside of granite directly above brackets.


Adhesive and plywood

The next step is to slide the dishwasher out a few inches. Pull it out as far as possible if you have the pipes and wires longer than usual. Stick a layer of clear silicone adhesive to one side of two pieces to under of granite top. Locate the center over the marks you made. Place clamps on them if you have room. In order to avoid scratch, pad the jaw of clamp. If there is no room for clamps, wedge anything you have to pressure the bottom of plywood blocks. Let the glue overnight to cure.



Then, detach the wedges or clamps from the top. Move dishwasher back into place. You need to check the distance between plywood blocks and the clips.

If you read and follow these all directions carefully, you will find anchoring dishwasher to granite countertop is an easy thing to do without expert.

Feng Shui Chelmsford Menu with Delicious Taste and Available for Delivery Order

If you like eastern Asian cuisine, Feng Shui Chelmsford menu will serve delicious meal. Feng Shui restaurant has several places, including one in Chelmsford. The main menu is commonly Chinese and Japanese cuisine, but some special dishes are also ready with unique taste. Before visiting, it is important to call for reservation table. If you do not have time to wait and visit, online order will send your favorite meal directly to your place. Some menus are listed at the following sections

Sushi and sashimi

If you like sushi and sashimi, Feng Shui restaurant is a place you should go. The menus related to this category are sushi with tuna, shrimp, eel, yellowtail, salmon, crabmeat, octopus, scallop, sea urchin, salmon roe, and squid. Others are sashimi regular and deluxe, combo package, love boat, nigiri, and chirashi. You should see the description before ordering because the names are in Japanese.

Chicken, Ducks, beef,  and Seafood

Feng shui Chelmsford menu has delicious cuisine with ingredients that come from chicken, seafood, beef, and ducks. For chicken, you get menu, such as sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, Kung Pao chicken, orange chicken, steamed chicken with vegetables, and triple chili chicken. The duck special menu is called Beijing duck. It has crispy skin and tender roasted meat that served alongside scallions, cucumbers, and pancakes. For seafood lovers, some menus are shrimp with sauce and vegetables, salt pepper fish fillet, lobster sauce and shrimp, and seafood festival. You also can order beef with various cooking texture.


Hibachi is one of top menus in the list. It consists of several options, such as Hibachi vegetables, chicken, tenderloin, calamari, salmon, sea scallop, shrimp, sea bass, lobster, filet mignon, and strip teak. The menu is also available in combination, such as hibachi with salmon and chicken, seafood and chicken, shrimp and strip steak, scallop and steal, calamari and shrimp, etc.

Other menus

Several menus are very delicious to taste. This restaurant has menu that belongs to category, such as rice and noodles, salad and vegetables, teriyaki, and makimono. Besides, some special menus are available only for limited order. To attract more customers, you can call and order via delivery service. It helps to extend serving with more people that cannot visit and book the place.

Which menu do you like? You can have almost cuisines from Chinese and Japanese dishes in this restaurant. Besides in Feng Shui Chelmsford, the restaurant is also opened in other places. Well, that’s what you should know about feng shui Chelmsford menu.

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