What to Know about Dutch Bantam Breed

Dutch Bantam is one of many chicken breed that is originating in Netherlands. It is said to be a true bantam and has no standard size. For your information, this chicken is an old breed. This ornamental breed is very popular nowadays. In the Netherlands, this chicken is still very popular to have. Other places in which it is famous include Germany, UK, South Africa, and United States. The history mentions that this chicken is first brought by Dutch sailors. The chicken appeared in the early 1950s in the United States. Although its existence had been quite long, they were finally admitted in 1992 by APASP.

The characteristics of Dutch Bantam include high breasts and short backs. They are not big for your information. The wings of the chicken are quite large and long. It is mentioned that this chicken is able to fly because they have light weight and large wings. Although their body is small, the tail is well spread and full. The sickles are even well developed. The beak is short and curved, but it is strong. Its legs are unfeathered and it has four toes. Furthermore, they have single comb that is in bright red and five upright points. Mostly, their earlobes are small in size, white in color, and oval in shape.

Basically, this chicken has white skin, but Dutch Bantam colours are various. The color varieties are light brown, cream light brown, blue light brown, blue cream light brown, black, and silver. All the varieties have been admitted by the experts. How about its weight? As for the hens, its weight is for about 0.45 kg and the roosters have 0.55 kg in weight. The number mentioned there is an average weight from this chicken. Regarding keeping them as chicken breed, the egg productivity is just medium. Yet, people still love to keep them.

If you wish to raise them, they are good to keep. The chicken is very friendly in nature. Furthermore, people love to keep this chicken breed since they are easy to handle. This is surely important. They can tolerate all climates, but in the cold climate, a special care is needed. The chicken is hardy indeed. Then, the chicken is good protective mother, good setter, and good broody as well. For your information, the hens are such great layers. Again, the chicken is active, yet they do well in confinement. Because Dutch Bantam has good laying ability and is very friendly, it is worth to keep indeed.

Diabetes Insipidus in Dogs: Symptoms, Types, Causes, and Treatment

Diabetes insipidus in dogs is not a new thing. Although it is not new disease, it is a rare disorder that may happen in dogs or cats. Water metabolism is affected from this disorder meaning that the body releases too much water. There are conditions that can be recognized at first whether your dog is suffering from this or not. This may be the first thing that you should be aware of. Increased urination and dull urine are two first things. The next thing to be aware of is the increased thirst and drinking from the dog. The reason behind this condition should be dug deeper.

Now, it is important to know the types and symptoms. Basically, there are two types of diabetes insipidus in dogs: neurogenic and nephrogenic diabetes. In the neurogenic, it is caused by a lack of hormone vasopressin. This hormone regulates the retention of water in the dog’s body. Hypothalamus in the brain is the one that is responsible to produce the hormone. When it does not function, there may be a head injury. Meanwhile in the nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, it is caused by a lack of antidiuretic hormone. The kidneys are the place where this problem happens.

The causes of this disorder may come from cancer, congenital defect, trauma, secondary to drugs, secondary to renal disease, secondary to metabolic and endocrine disorders. How do you treat diabetes insipidus? The treatment is to hospitalize the dog. The hospitalization is necessary when the dog is being tested. Later, the prognosis depends on how bad the disorder is. Regarding the diagnosis, the dog is needed to be tested completely. Consequently, you should be able to answer some basic questions regarding the dog’s recent condition. Therefore, you are suggested to pay attention to what your dog is doing in its everyday life.

In the future, the dogs with diabetes insipidus need special care. There are things to think of when your dog is suffering from this rare disorder. Providing enough water is very important. The dogs with this disorder release a lot of water so do not let it in thirst. Providing less water can lead them to die quickly. In many cases, this is a permanent condition for the dogs. It won’t be easy for both of you and the dog. Therefore, it is important to consult to a vet regularly. That’s all. Hope the information about diabetes insipidus in dogs is useful.

Amberlink Chickens and Things You Should Know about the Brown-Egg Layer

Amberlink chickens are known as one of the best brown-egg layers. They are famous among the farmers because of some good benefits they give. Mostly, they are in white color and lay brown eggs. If you wish to start farming eggs for profit or family, Amberlink or Hy-line are highly recommended in this field. Actually, there are various egg layers, but those two are the best ones to start. Let’s focus on the Amberlink and dig more information about it.

Eggs are favorable for all ages. When it is consumed by children, it is good for their growth because eggs are a great source of high vitamins and protein. The needs of eggs seem endless. They are needed every single day. Hence, many people are interested in starting an egg production unit. In starting the business, it is okay to get started from a small scale. A small scale production unit will do if the management is well-handled. In the future when the profit is stable, it is recommended to make it larger. Let’s get started.

Having an egg production unit can be helpful for making profit or for household consumption. In order make one, having 9 to 12 Amberlink chickens is a great number to start. Regarding the chickens keeping, prepare a cage to keep them. It is best to do since they will be more manageable. It is okay if the cage is not that large, but make sure the size is perfect for 9 to 12 chickens. As a suggestion, try to get a cage with size 70cm wide and 120cm long. Make three compartments for the cage. Making a purchase or custom cage can be done.

Why does it need three compartments? When hot climates come, the chickens can be placed in those compartments evenly. Meanwhile, the chickens are suggested to be placed in one compartment only to warm-up all the chickens. Next, when do Amberlinks start laying? For your information, they will lay some eggs in age of 20 to 21 weeks. Therefore, it is best to buy the chickens when they are 18 to 19 weeks old. That age is perfect to start laying eggs.

Additional information for keeping chickens that are egg layers is related to how long you should keep them. In fact, the chickens are good to keep for one year only. In next year, sell them for slaughter and buy some new ones. They are all basics of farming Amberlink chickens.

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