Knowing Deeper of Brightwood Demon Door in Fable 2

Brightwood demon door is one of the trickiest demon doors in Fable 2. The messages you receive to unlock it are vague, and you must be frustrated to go back and forth to town to acquire the items you thought will work; only for the door to ignore you. So follow these steps.

Going to the door

The door is located in the southwest area of Brightwood, near the lake. Once you arrive at the door, it will immediately tell you to go away and that there’s nothing to find here. Don’t worry as this is just one of tricks the door will try, so you will go away.

First Request

Once the door realizes you aren’t going away, it is going to ask you to get him a cheese. If you already have cheese in hand, it will continue to another request. If you don’t, just go to a merchant to purchase one. It doesn’t matter what rating your cheese has, but if you are experiencing problems just bring a higher rating one.

Second Request

Now, it is going to ask you for a specific hairstyle. Normally, it would ask for dreadlocks and mutton chops. But, if you happen to have one of those hairstyles, it would change it to Mullet and handlebar mustache. However, this varies a lot and there might be a randomness factor to it. These four styles are the most commonly requested. You can get those in any hairdressers, such as the one in Bloodstone or Knothole Island (if you have the DLC).

Third Request

Now, this is getting annoying, but don’t let it get to your head. It would ask for specific clothing for your character. This pretty much varies between each play. Most common ones are a corset, yokel hat, and tart skirt. Other commonly requested clothing is bandit bandanna, noble trousers, and gent’s shirt. When it asks you for “posh clothing”, this meant that you have to wear fancy clothes. The combination of items also varies between play-through.

Opening the door

Once you have completed 3 of request, he might still be stubborn. Just keep pressing A, and he might relent after a few button mashing. Then you’ve opened the Brightwood demon door! You can find the loot in treasure chest inside and the Sepulcher.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the troublesome door. You can find three unique clothing items inside. Hope this guide helps you to unlock the Brightwood demon door.

The Reasons Why Basement Smells Like Sewage and How to Fix it

When your basement smells like sewage, everyone in the house will have to endure with unpleasant odor all day long. Basement is indeed located underground, below the main part of the house. Being under everything, it is prone to unpleasant odor, especially sewage odor. Why is this happening? Below are the reasons why the basement can be filled by unpleasant sewage odor. You will also find the way to fix it.

Leak in the Toilet Seal

One of the most common causes of why the basement smells like sewage is because the toilet seal is leaking. The toilet base and the toilet flange is connected by a sort of ring seal. If this seal is not properly installed, there will be leak in the seal and the unpleasant smell from the sewer gas oozes through the leakage and fill your basement with that bad, dreadful smell. The solution to fix this problem is by fixing the ring seal. You can seek professional help from plumbers to help fixing the ring seal.


Water in the Toilet Trap

Toilet is indeed contributing quite a lot of times in causing the bad sewage odor in the basement. Not only the improper ring seal, but the toilet trap can cause the bad odor. This often happens to toilet that has not been used for weeks. The water in the toilet trap starts to smell bad and affecting the smell of the basement. To correct this situation, flush the toilet multiple times and use sewage odor neutralizer to get rid of the bad smell.


Broken Sewer Line

If the sewer line around the house is cracked, or worse broken, the bad smell of the sewage easily escapes from the sewer through the cracks. It travels down and mostly fill the basement. Broken sewer line is a major problem. Most people with no expertise in plumbing will not be able to fix this problem. You do need professional help if the sewage smell in the basement is caused by broken sewer line.

Now it is clear that there are quite a lot of factors that can cause bad sewage odor to ooze in the basement of your house. Make sure you check the information above and understanding the solution. That way, if someone there’s odor problem in your basement, particularly sewage odor, you do not have to get confused determining why your basement smells like sewage.

Always Adjust Mirrors after Adjusting Your Seat!: Why and How to Do It

It is really crucial to always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat before driving. This is a part of safety measures that every driver should know before tackling the road. When taking a test to obtain driver’s license, the assessor will expect the driver to do this. It is also a popular test question companion to poorly tuned engines do not get good gas mileage. a. true b. false. Unfortunately, many people skip this step before driving. Perhaps because they do not think that it is important enough. Why do you need to perform these two activities synchronically? Why do they have to be done at all?

Driver’s seat has standard arrangement that easily accommodates many kinds of people. However, to be very comfortable while driving the seat needs to be adjusted specifically to that driver. The seat must be adjusted properly so that driver can access pedals and driving control panel with ease. When driver has full control on the vehicle, safety in driving can be maximized. In addition to that, when you are adjusting the driver’s seat based on your own body dimension and posture, road visualization will be much better. It can prevent accidents.

When making adjustment on the seat, driver should also making sure that shoulder harness and the seat belt felt firm yet comfortable against their body. Seat belt must hug the hips snuggly while holding shoulder area quite tight. This rule applies to seat belt in other seats as well. Driver should also adjust the head restraint on the back of their head so the back and sides of skull are protected well.

As a driver, you must always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat. All mirrors, the rear view and side ones, should be adjusted according to arrangements that have been made to the driver’s seat. If the mirrors are not adjusted, driver will not be able to get clear visualization, particularly from the back of the car. Because of that, driver cannot get accurate warnings from behind the car. Parking the car is nearly impossible without the help of well-adjusted rearview and side mirrors.

Of course, there are other things that you must do before driving the car into busy roads. The inner part of the car must be controlled so passengers will feel comfortable during ride. It includes adjusting ventilations, air conditioner, and all seats. Ensuring comfort for everyone in the ride is equally as important as making sure that safety is placed as priority. Please remember this before you are driving: always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat!

Afrocentric Shower Curtain Available Options in the Market

Afrocentric shower curtain is a great option when it comes to enhancing your bathroom cabin. Shower curtain, apart from its function to give privacy that you need, is also essential to enhance aesthetic atmosphere in your bathroom. There are immense choices that you can get for bathroom, in which the many variations make you easier in choosing the right one. Below are African shower curtains for sale that are available in the market. Each of them is ready to level up your shower cabin!

Dripping in Melanin shower curtain

Text is one of best ways to express your thought. If you do not want to go too much for shower curtain, this curtain with Dripping in Melanin text will express your feeling. The simple words are enough to show your personality. Designed in white background, the text looks contrast in black and gold shade. To enhance the design, it comes with dripping accent. This is what you need to cover the shower cabin in style.

3D Afro girl shower curtain

There are plenty choices if you are going to install shower curtain in 3D Afro girl design. Either full body or half body, 3D Afro girl printing will be able to improve the interior of your bathroom. As tips to choose Afrocentric shower curtain, you should not go too much for this. Since there are many variants to opt for, fall your decision on shower curtain that matches your personality. Single huge printing is considered better than small faces of Afro girls.

Family Afro shower curtain

If you share bathroom with entire family, this shower curtain option is what you need to choose. This curtain comes with fresh printing of Afro family. Not only does the curtain look good on shower cabin, it also gives different accent for your shower time. High quality printing makes this curtain looks real. The shower curtain is also able to describe the real life of your family.

Big red hair shower curtain

Afro girl with big red hair looks unique. Instead of showing off the big black hair, this shower curtain printing design will be a refreshing choice for your cabin. The cherry blossom flowery background improves the appearance of this shower curtain. This will match perfectly for your minimalist or feminine bathroom concept.

Which shower curtain looks best for your cabin? No matter Afrocentric shower curtain you choose, make sure to mix and match with bathroom interior design.

Get the Sparkling Grout with Finazzle Grout Cleaner

Finazzle Grout Cleaner is the answer to all grout problems at your house. You usually find it quite annoying looking at dirty grout between tiles. The dirt always left after several days even though you already clean it. It may be because you did not clean it with Finazzle cleaner. Therefore, before it is too late and the dirt becomes hard to clean, now let’s go purchase this amazing cleaner.

You don’t need to worry anymore about the Finazzle grout cleaner ingredients. It is because this cleaner is made of natural ingredients that are totally safe for your skin. This brand is made in USA, and it has been 24 years family-owned. Besides the ingredients, the directions for using it are also very easy to follow. There are many people who already know how it works. They proof it by themselves that the cleaner is working so well. They find their grout look so clean and new again after using this cleaner.

If you find your grout in kitchen countertop, bathroom, shower floor, or any rooms at your house really dirty, just try this Finazzle Grout Cleaner. The result will amaze you and your family. You do not need to worry about the other cleaner product anymore. Well, if you already have this product on your hand, let’s learn how to use it.

There are dos and don’ts that you must pay attention. You need to always read the directions on the package before using it. After reading all of the directions and understand it, you can start cleaning the grout. Never mix any other cleaner products with Finazzle cleaner, or it will put you in a bad situation. Remember that you should not use the compressed green scrub pads on tile, plastic, glass, fiberglass, or fixtures because they the pads can harm them. Just use a stiff nylon brush instead for such surfaces.

If you follow all of the directions written, there will be a hundred percent warranty that you get the best result. Since it works really well, most people feel that’s worth buying it. This is your chance to prove it on your own. Ask your family member to help you and see what is happening to the grout. They will be amazed as well in how this cleaner works. Whatever dirty rooms which need to be cleaned, Finazzle Grout Cleaner makes the grout super clean as new.

The Easy Way to Anchoring Dishwasher to Granite Countertop

Well, you may find anchoring dishwasher to granite countertop is difficult. However, after you read this article till done, you will realize anchoring dishwasher is not that hard. You can install dishwashers using bracket and screws on your typical countertops. Marble, stone countertops, or granite, cannot be tapped and drilled with screws. It is a must to use adhesives. Appliance and cabinetmakers installers use a simple trick when anchoring dishwashers under granite countertops. It is really efficient. Anyone can do it permanently to secure the dishwasher without any adverse effects to your expensive granite countertop.

Before starting attaching a dishwasher to a granite countertop, you need to pay attention to a few things. Read these directions carefully to get the good result.

Faceplate and brackets

The first thing you need to do is locating the support brackets to dishwasher. You may find difficulties to access from the front after succeed anchoring dishwasher to granite countertop. It is better to remove tiny metal filler on the top of dishwasher or its faceplate. It is also usually installed on little metal clips and made easy to come off. If the filler or faceplate hard to come off when you pry on it with both hands, use a screwdriver to pop the brackets off gently. Then set it aside.


Feet and positioning

You will find four leveling feet on dishwasher. The next thing is to turn the feet clockwise to drop dishwasher. Do it until the brackets on top of dishwasher become fit under top granite without touching it. No need to worry if they rub a bit. You can slightly bend if. After that, hook up the dishwasher. It depends on how long the electrical wire and hoses are. Hook up everything and slide dishwasher into the place under granite top. Then, mark the locations on underside of granite directly above brackets.


Adhesive and plywood

The next step is to slide the dishwasher out a few inches. Pull it out as far as possible if you have the pipes and wires longer than usual. Stick a layer of clear silicone adhesive to one side of two pieces to under of granite top. Locate the center over the marks you made. Place clamps on them if you have room. In order to avoid scratch, pad the jaw of clamp. If there is no room for clamps, wedge anything you have to pressure the bottom of plywood blocks. Let the glue overnight to cure.



Then, detach the wedges or clamps from the top. Move dishwasher back into place. You need to check the distance between plywood blocks and the clips.

If you read and follow these all directions carefully, you will find anchoring dishwasher to granite countertop is an easy thing to do without expert.

Things You Can Get by Visiting Sendik’s Home Office

For your information, Sendik’s home office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is not only the headquarter of Sendik’s food market, but also the place where you can get fresh foods and products every day. Yes, Sendik’s building in Milwaukee is more than just the office. There is actual market where people can come by and shop for groceries. If you have never visited this food market, here is the list of things you can get right there.

  • The Healthy Food
    One of the Sendik’s goals is to provide healthy food options for their visitors. If they are too busy to cook on their own and make home cooked meal, they do not have to buy the fresh produce in this food market and force themselves to cook. All they need to do is buying the ready-to-eat fresh, healthy food that Sendik’s provides. In almost all Sendik’s locations across the country, healthy food is always available.
  • The Fresh Meat
    In fact, a lot of people rush early in the morning to buy fresh meat. They are afraid if buying the meat at noon or something, it won’t be fresh. Well, it will not happen at Sendik’s home office though, because its advanced technology allow the store to have full produce of fresh meat, fish, seafood, and other selection of meat.
  • The Salad Bar and Sushi Bar
    Well, one of the best things about Sendik’s food market is the fact that it has salad bar and sushi bar, according to They are extremely useful for anyone who wants to eat quick snack without having to cook on their own. The bars are open for everyone.
  • The Local Products
    In addition, Sendik’s cares so much to the sustainability of local produce. That’s why the food market works together with farmers around the area to supply fresh, local produce. There are over 25 types of local product that visitors can buy easily. Therefore, besides visiting Sendik’s home office, of course you are also allowed to shop for anything your need for the kitchen.

Now, it is clear that by visiting home office of Sendik’s you can shop for fresh products, including meat and vegetable every day. The quality of products will not let you down at all. Besides, as written above, you can get lots of foods there that you can enjoy right away on the way home from Sendik’s home office to your residence.

How to Keep Simmons Kids Slumber Time Monterey Bookcase Hutch Well Organized

Simmons kids slumber time Monterey bookcase hutch is ideal for kids who need more space for having fun and playing around. The bookcase offers safety for your kids to explore what they want to know by reading the book. In this case, providing a comfortable bookcase hutch is important. However, it could be very frustrating to teach kids how to organize their bookcase. The truth is, sometimes you find not only books but also toys inside the bookcase. It makes the bookcase looks so messy.

If you would like to support them to read books, you absolutely need Simmons kids slumber time Monterey bookcase hutch. This item needs books to be standing up, rather than being placed inside a stack that will make it well organized. Here are several tips you can consider to organize this bookcase hutch properly.

  • Cleaning up
    First of all, sort which book is needed. Occasionally, you will also find toys inside the bookcase. Then, you have to take it away and place it in proper place. By clearing those toys away, you will be easier to see what you will deal with.
  • Organizing the books
    You may not need to take away all old books. Make sure you know what books your kids love the most. Start by classifying the book categories, such as crafty books, chapter books, picture books and many more. Keep them classified to enable your kids reach their favorite books easily.
  • Remaining things
    Before throwing away what not needed inside Simmons kids slumber time Monterey bookcase hutch, you have to understand what things your kids playing much. Since the design is convertible you can use it as a hutch.  Four drawers inside the bookcase are used to display the toys safely. You can keep one toy or even two to accompany them when they are reading a book. In addition, keeping things up is not easy like reading a book. However, it is quite effortless to maintain space’s looks by cleaning it up over.

As you know, to keep this bookcase in order, you have to do it regularly, at least twice a year. Choose what books read regularly and what are not. Rotate them out to place the books they read frequently. Well, Simmons kids slumber time Monterey bookcase hutch includes two shelves. The one is removable, and the other is permanent to display your little one’s books.

The Reasons Why People Love to Shop at Conn’s Home Plus Corporate Office

Conn’s Home Plus corporate office is located in Woodlands, Texas. It is the headquarter of Conn’s, the biggest furniture shop across the nation. Many people love to shop furniture at Conn’s Home Plus. If you want to know why, here are some of the best reasons for you.

  • The financing made easy
    Buying furniture and appliances is not something cheap for some people. There are many of them that do not have enough cash lying around to buy furniture at Conn’s. That is why Conn’s has a very beneficial financing program where everyone can buy furniture with ease and pay the credit every month. The financing at Conn’s is great because it does not matter whether the applicants have bad credit, they still can get the furniture.
  • All famous brands available
    As the biggest retail for furniture, Conn’s Home Plus corporate office offers widest array of choices when it comes to brands. You can find any top names of electronic appliances, furniture, and many more. The wide selections allow you to get the best piece of furniture or appliance you need.
  • The low price guarantee
    Compared to other stores, Conn’s corporate office Woodlands, TX along with the actual store next to it offers the lowest price. Well, it is actually affordable. Even so, you can still pay it later by using its financing program. Isn’t great? Yes, you really do not have to worry about the price at Conn’s.
  • Delivered next day
    With the power of internet these days, many people prefer online shopping. People buy furniture online and of course you can do it at Conn’s. Ordering furniture using the website of this well-known store is going to get your furniture right the next day. After purchasing the order, it will be delivered right away. If you live in the USA, the shipping process is very short that makes it possible for you to get the item in the very next day.

Now, it is clear that Conn’s Home Plus is really the best place to get the furniture you want. There are many things that can be bought with affordable price here. You must consider this retail for the best deal. The good thing about Conn’s is the fact that the stores are scattered around the nation, including the biggest one in Texas, which is also called as the Conn’s Home Plus corporate office.

Mainstays Home 8 Shelf Bookcase Espresso for Your Book Collections

Choosing Mainstays home 8 shelf bookcase espresso finishes as a piece of furniture in your room will be one of the best decisions you will ever make as a homeowner. This modern style bookcase is going to elevate the whole room. It has clean cut design that looks simple yet very elegant. The shelves are open on both sides. The bookcase consists of eight sizable geometric sections. These cubes are large enough to accommodate your book collections. You can place varied size of books inside this bookcase. Even your largest book can still fit within its cubes.

However, this particular Mainstays bookshelf can serve more purposes than just storage space for your beloved books. As stated before, the shelves are open ended. You can place other things that you want, not just books. If you would like to display your favorite photographs, this bookcase can be a great spot to do that. Perhaps you have memorable trinkets from your holidays or even gifts from dear friends that you would love to show to everyone. They can fit nicely into this sizable bookshelf. Since this bookcase takes a good amount of space in your room, it certainly will be a focal point of the room.

What is the use of having Mainstays home 8 shelf bookcase espresso finish to keep your memorabilia in addition to accommodating your books? First, it is going to improve the charm of your study room or wherever you place the bookcase. Your beautifully decorated bookcase will be visually pleasing to the eyes. Open shelving unit also makes it easier for you to access your belongings. It is a chance to utilize things that you have accumulated over the years so you do not just let them getting dusty in your storage room.

Your personality is going to shine through your bookcase. People will be able to see who you are based on things that you put on to the shelf. Of course you wish to make your living space looked live-in and comfortable. One way to obtain that is by merging tour characters into its arrangement. One great thing about this bookcase is that it can blend in well to any type of house style. The material is also quiet durable and able to handle the test of time. Get this bookcase if you want to create the house that shows your charming personality. You will not regret getting Mainstays home 8 shelf bookcase espresso.

CB2 Helix Bookcase, the Most Efficient and Modern Bookcase for All Places

CB2 Helix bookcase comes to answer your wish for organized and tidy interior space. Having cluttered stuff is quite annoying; on the other hand you cannot get rid of them. In case you need to decorate the interior with small accessories but want to stay organized, bookcase is what you need. Being known as bookcase, its function is not merely to store book. Beyond, it can be smart solution to enhance your interior decoration with less effort. How does Helix bookcase from CB2 look like? Here is the brief review for you.

At a glance, Helix bookcase does not appear as typical bookcase. Instead, it looks more similar to a ladder. The bookcase is designed with metal tube frame with four fixed acacia shelves, creating unique appearance to be called as a bookcase. In addition to the design, the frame is made out of metal with powder-coated carbon finish to make sure it is durable and good-looking at the same time. Coming with modular design, it allows saving space whenever you locate the bookcase.

About the dimensions, this CB2 Helix bookcase comes with 30” x 11.75” x 70” overall dimensions with 14” between shelves. The shelves itself are built in 29.75” x 11.75” x 1”. According to this, Helix bookcase will fit in your space either living room or bedroom. This is also a great choice for anyone who do not like to have too much furniture in the room. Being skinny, Helix bookcase is not going to obstruct your vision.

This is as a space-saving bookcase that is able to realize your dream of organized room. You can easily organize your favorite books, table accessories, even laptop in the acacia veneer shelves. There is nothing to worry about, considering the case is made to be durable. Either you have contemporary modern or traditional interior design; you will find Helix bookcase a suitable addition for any room.

Last but not least, CB2 comes with the right angles for the right stuff. What can be better than having versatile bookcase with modern design for home interior? This is what you need to level up any room. Whenever you bring it home, do not forget to follow CB2 Helix bookcase instructions to make sure you build it right. To install the bookcase, stud mounting is recommended. For drywall installation, hardware is also included for every purchase. Go get your CB2 Helix bookcase.

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