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Getting to Know the Best Kitten Eye Infection Home Remedy

When it comes to kitten eye infection, you may be worried and try to find out the best kitten eye infection home remedy. Eye infection can actually affect various parts on the eye. The infection could appear in one or even both eyes. However, there are several factors that cause eye infections on your cat. It could be because fungal, viral or even bacterial. Furthermore, the symptoms might not be caused by infection but irritant. It’s quite difficult to identify the cause unless you have a vet to test them. Despite knowing the infection types, you will also need to learn about the causes along with symptoms.

There can be some specific signs related to kitten infections like set them free with remarkable rubbing and blinking. Even though eye infection is less recurrent in kittens compared to puppies, it possibly will still occur. However, in some cases, you may find it’s not dangerous and will go eventually. However, there are also severe ones that have to be addressed appropriately.

In addition, there are a wide range of symptoms on kitten’s eye infection, such as pawing or rubbing the eyes touching unusual objects like carpet or furniture, swelling, abnormal blinking, redness which is caused by conjunctivitis or inflammation, crusting around the kitten’s eyes, yellow or greenish discharge, and eyelids get stuck together. Those are some symptoms and signs you have to be aware to prevent any serious problems to your lovely kitten.

Furthermore, it would be the best to notice those symptoms, so you can totally prevent the issues soon. It will also be great to treat this infection at home before taking them to a vet. These are some kitten eye infection home remedy you can try.

First is tea. It can be used when there is unserious infection. Brew the tea and then let it be lukewarm. Drop it to the kitten’s eye twice. Alternatively, you can also put tea bags on. Next, there is lemon. Squeeze and mix it with distill water and stir it well. You can drop this solution twice a day. Next is honey. Mix two tablespoon of honey with distilled water then stir it well. Drop it onto kitten’s eyes three times a day.

Considering those home remedies can indeed help kitten when eye infection occurs. Bear in mind those remedies may need two days or even more to clear the infection. Once kitten eye infection home remedy doesn’t work, consider seeing a vet for further treatment.

Home Remedies for Cat Eye Infections That You Should Try

Some cat owners probably prefer home remedies for cat eye infections because they are easy to do and are proven to be effective. Experiencing eye infections is uncomfortable, yet sadly common, for cats. The infection might be caused by viruses, respiratory diseases, and allergies. To alleviate discomfort for your cat, try following methods that can easily be done at home.

Cleaning the Infected Eyes Regularly

Whatever the cause of eye infection in your cat, it is important to clean the infected eyes regularly. If the cat’s eyes let out a lot of discharge, it should be done hourly to prevent eyes from stuck shut. It can minimize discomfort experienced by the cat. This cat sore eye home treatment also reduces the chance of blindness in the infected eyes because infection may build up and affect sights. You can use regular boiled then cool water to clean the eyes or concoct saline water. It is a mix of half teaspoon salt and half cup warm water. Utilize cotton swab to apply the solution.

Making Homemade Eye Drop with Tea

One of the most common home remedies for kitten eye infections is homemade eye drop made of tea. Mild tea like chamomile, eyebright, green tea that has been decaffeinated can be used for this home remedy. This treatment is recommended only if the eye infection is not too severe. If your cat experience severe infection, it is highly advised to visit a trusted vet instead. To make the eye drop, brew tea in hot water then let the temperature down until lukewarm. Administer two to three drops three times a day using eye dropper. It is also possible to place cool teabag on the cat’s infected eyes several times a day for around ten minutes.

Giving Natural Supplement

To accompany the outside treatments, it is better to give the cat additional supplement. This method is going to support speedy recovery on your cat. The supplement should contain high amount of vitamin A and C. The examples of vitamin A-rich foods are pureed butternut squash and carrots. Meanwhile, you can give mashed papaya to supply the cat with vitamin C. Vitamin A is great for the eyes and vitamin C is great for cell regeneration.

Those are simple treatments to do at home with ingredients that should be readily available. These methods might not be suitable for heavy infections. But if your cat only experience minor to mild infections, the three home remedies for kitten eye infections will work wonder.

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