If you have cats, some diets may be necessary and low phosphorus cat food is one of them. Besides human, your lovely pets should also get proper foods, and even diet program is needed in case they have health problems. Related to this, kidney diseases become the common problem on cats. When you find your cats have this health problem, the low phosphorus diet is needed.

The problems on kidneys may affect the whole body. Even, without proper treatments, the conditions can be worse. That is why cats should get proper treatment. Well, diet of low phosphorus is needed since basically kidneys are organ that process and regulate the phosphor. Since the kidneys cannot work normally anymore, phosphor must be reduced so the organs do not need to work too hard in processing and regulating the substance. In some cases, the cats also get low protein low phosphorus cat food since there is correlation between phosphorus and protein.

If you have got information from the vet about your cat that needs to take diet of low phosphorus cat food, it is time to pay more attention. This is not simple problems that can be taken lightly. Wrong treatment will only make the condition of kidneys worse or even severe. Well, there are several points to get your attention.

  • Source of food
    For the good food with low phosphorus, egg whites and meats are good choices. You should start to change the fishes since these are rich of phosphorus. Adding some and vegetables are good to be additional sources of nutrients, especially vitamins.
  • Patience
    Changing the diet is not easy. Moreover, it is cat and you cannot communicate with it as how you communicate with humans. That’s why you need patience in this treatment and diet program. Moreover, doing step by step is necessary since the cat will be accustomed.
  • More water
    Like humans, cat’s kidneys need water as well. When it is possible, wet cat food is better options instead of the dried one. By having more water in the body, the kidneys can work better and they will not be overloaded in processing the nutrients.


Those points must get your attention. Although it may be hard to start, you must begin the treatment to make sure the cat can survive. Of course, proper medication and regular consultation to vet is necessary to do as compliments of low phosphorus cat food.