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The Most Expensive Breeds of Hairless Cat for Sale

Finding hairless cat for sale is not hard. They are sold basically everywhere because people love them. People want to keep them as a pet and this is the main reason why hairless cat has high price on the price tags. Hairless cat is essentially unique. They have distinguished physical appearance. With their lack of hair on the body, they are seen as something eccentric. What breeds of hairless cat have the highest price on the market? Here they are.


  • Minskin
    Minskin is one of the most expensive cat breeds with no hair on its body. This small cat is well-known for its baldness and cuteness. Their legs are quite small and short, making Minskin looks very adorable. Even though the physical structure of this hairless cat is tiny, Minskin has big personality. This cat loves to socialize and it loves people. The average price for people to buy a Minskin is around $1,500- $5,000.


  • Elf Cat
    Elf Cat is a unique-looking cat. It is hairless and has big ears. That is why this type of cat is called the elf cat. They do resemble elves on movies and books. Elf cat is very active and playful. Its unique physical appearance, sometimes completed by spots, makes them look so cute and adorable. Most elf cats are the product of Sphynx and American curl crossover. For the price, you need to pay for $2,500-$6,000 to get this hairless cat for sale.


  • Peterbald
    Peterbald is probably the most expensive hairless cat in the world. If you want to keep a hairless cat and you are avoiding a Sphynx, you can choose Peterbald instead. Finding a Peterbald is sometimes harder than finding Sphynx cats for rehoming. Peterbald are rarer compared to Sphynx. It has almost bald body, only covered with very fine hair and they have delicate structure on the body as well. Buying this playful and friendly cat can cost you anywhere at $5,000 – $8,000.


Now, it is clear that keeping a hairless cat, especially those three breeds above, will not be something too cheap to do. Make sure you have money to begin with purchasing, and the money for aftercare, such as for grooming, special diet, vet visits, and so on. If you think you are not ready for all of those, refrain yourself from finding hairless cat for sale today and wait until you are ready.

Tips to Safely Choose Cheap Sphynx Kittens for Sale

Cheap Sphynx kittens for sale are available everywhere. Sphynx is one of the most famous cat breeds all over the world. It is well-known for its hairless appearance. Being a very unique cat, Sphynx kittens are mostly sold for money, not just available at shelters for adoptions. If you want to have a Sphynx kitten at home to keep and rise, how safely find and buy them? Here are some tips about that.


  • Visit a Breeder in Person
    Sphynx cats that are for sale are usually available at cat breeders. In order to get the best Sphynx, you need to visit the cat breeder in person. Do not perform the transaction online or just by phone. You need to visit the breeder and see the condition of the cat with your own two eyes. You need to make sure that the Sphynx cat you are about to buy is really in fit condition and 100% healthy.


  • Ask to See the Parents of the Kitten
    Purchasing a kitten for sale is something big, especially because you need to pay huge amount of money to bring a Sphynx kitten home. You do not want to waste the money by getting a sickly, unhealthy kitten. This is why you need to make sure that you have met the parents of the kitten before you bring it home. Even though it is cheap Sphynx kittens for sale, it does not mean that the quality should be lower and the origin of the kitten is unknown.


  • Examine the Supporting Paperwork
    Professional cat breeder usually prepares paperwork for the cat purchasers to see. Even though you are looking for Sphynx cat, which is usually a product of purebred parents, you still need to see the paperwork. In the paperwork, the birth certificate of the Sphynx kitten for sale should be available to see. Besides of that, the paperwork usually contains medical tests of the kitten as well as the certificate of spay/ neuter. Sometimes, breeders also include the certificate about the origin of the kitten, including about the parents.

Purchasing a kitten is not highly recommended. Many people always suggest cat lovers to adopt, not buy. However, for exclusive and unique breed, such as Sphynx, there is a small chance for them to be available for adoption. Just in case you really need to buy one, consider all those tips above to find cheap Sphynx kittens for sale.


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