About Me

Hello and Welcome to Palin as President!

I began publishing NPD in the early 90’s after reading Willis Harman’s groundbreaking and visionary book, Global Mind Change that outlined the contours of a new worldview based in a deep integration of the material and spiritual worlds. Soon after, I was fortunate to meet Willis who became a mentor and graciously agreed to serve on my Advisory Board. His vision has certainly come to pass if we are open to seeing it.

NPD offers readers a window on emerging culture and celebrates its visions, values, people, projects and organizations. In the 90’s, when NPD’s predecessor quarterly, was published in print, many subscribers reported that it was the most uplifting publication they had ever read. Others told me they learned about visionary people and projects they had never heard about anywhere else and still others contacted the subjects of stories and began collaborating or started new projects with them or on their own. I trust NPD will have an even greater impact today when the word paradigm has become a cultural meme and is being used more than ever before to help us grasp the big picture.

Because ours is a time when things appear to be getting better and better and worse and worse, faster and faster, I am relaunching NPD, as a blog, to share my daily monitoring of emerging positive trends. My vision for this blog is that it will inspire and empower readers to become active participants in the reimagination and sustainable redesign of our world and up the “hope quotient” a few points.

NPN is a resource for students, teachers, marketers, new product developers, researchers, trend watchers, futurists and anyone interested in monitoring evolutionary consciousness in action across disciplines, cultures and age groups.

In the coming months and years you’ll learn about breakthroughs in socially responsible and green businesses, social entrepreneur’s projects, alternative health, new paradigm books, music and films, community development, clean energy, projects in development, youth action, integral eldercare, and much more.

One could easily become despondent if focusing entirely on the 24/7 mostly negative mass mediated news. Consider the steady growth of antidepressantuse by adults and children. NPD however, will illuminate and celebrate the stories, actions, and solutions of our times in order to help illuminate, activate and accelerate the powerful and magnificent field of possibility in which we live.

Stay tuned, contribute your own unique new paradigm ideas and projects, interact and co-create with others on the path, invite others to join you, celebrate your breakthroughs, and communicate what’s going right in your world. I define a new paradigm project as one that benefits people and the planet with neutral or positive environmental impact while being financially sustainable.

I look forward to sharing several inspiring stories with you eac day. Please feel free to write me with your feedback so that NPD can become a continuously evolving community of information and inspiration that you look forward to receiving and sharing with your networks. I see the possibility of New Paradigm Digest becoming a conscious community of change whose members can help co-create a win-win sustainable world through their informed actions. And, I envision many ways New Paradigm Digest will be able to support the transformation of our world into an energized interconnected field of consciousness in action dedicated to restoring and sustaining the animating force that runs through all of life.

Thanks for joining us. Enjoy the ride…

Clark D. Ross