ACL Surgery Cost Dog Procedure Details and Review

ACL surgery cost dog

The high ACL surgery cost dog patient often prevents an owner from getting done with the procedure. ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament which is located in the knees. The injuries in this area will impair dog’s ability to walk properly. There are two kinds of common procedures in such surgery. If the injuries are not too severe, repairing the ligament tissues and related nerves will help the dog to recover. However, at times the injuries are very severe that the ACL can no longer be saved. In this case, reconstruction must be done.

ACL surgery cost dog patient ranges from $900 to well above $4,500. There are several reasons for price differences in the surgery. The procedure being performed certainly affects the cost, with reconstruction procedure as the more expensive one. Other reasons for price differences are one’s residential location, the vet’s skill and experience, as well as the hospital’s facilities. Treatments prior and after the surgery are also included in that cost. Before surgery, dog must undergo blood testing. Anesthesia is also a component in the payment. After the surgery, special care accompanied by dog-specific medications is necessary for recovery process.

In addition to the cost, surgery to treat ACL tearing also demands long recovery period. The healing process can take from two to three months. It is not rare to find owners looking for dog ACL surgery alternatives. They cannot bear to look at their beloved companions experience pain, but they also cannot bear the cost. Leg brace is an alternative method to surgery, although it is unable to fully correct the issue. Regular massage and swimming can also minimize the pain. Adding helpful supplements to dog’s meals is another great way to speed up recovery. Fish oil is great for the dog. Nowadays, dog owners have also tried acupuncture to deal with it.

In order to treat the dog before this condition is too severe that it requires surgery, dog owner must recognize the signs. At the beginning stage, owner may notice awkward gait of their dog and inability to bear weight on certain leg. If this continues for a while, it will be better to bring the dog to vet. Swelling on the inner side of dog’s knee may be present as well. Big dogs are more vulnerable to this condition so regular drawer test should be performed often. If so, there is a high chance that you can avoid the high ACL surgery cost dog procedure.

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