Afrocentric Shower Curtain Available Options in the Market

Afrocentric Shower Curtain

Afrocentric shower curtain is a great option when it comes to enhancing your bathroom cabin. Shower curtain, apart from its function to give privacy that you need, is also essential to enhance aesthetic atmosphere in your bathroom. There are immense choices that you can get for bathroom, in which the many variations make you easier in choosing the right one. Below are African shower curtains for sale that are available in the market. Each of them is ready to level up your shower cabin!

Dripping in Melanin shower curtain

Text is one of best ways to express your thought. If you do not want to go too much for shower curtain, this curtain with Dripping in Melanin text will express your feeling. The simple words are enough to show your personality. Designed in white background, the text looks contrast in black and gold shade. To enhance the design, it comes with dripping accent. This is what you need to cover the shower cabin in style.

3D Afro girl shower curtain

There are plenty choices if you are going to install shower curtain in 3D Afro girl design. Either full body or half body, 3D Afro girl printing will be able to improve the interior of your bathroom. As tips to choose Afrocentric shower curtain, you should not go too much for this. Since there are many variants to opt for, fall your decision on shower curtain that matches your personality. Single huge printing is considered better than small faces of Afro girls.

Family Afro shower curtain

If you share bathroom with entire family, this shower curtain option is what you need to choose. This curtain comes with fresh printing of Afro family. Not only does the curtain look good on shower cabin, it also gives different accent for your shower time. High quality printing makes this curtain looks real. The shower curtain is also able to describe the real life of your family.

Big red hair shower curtain

Afro girl with big red hair looks unique. Instead of showing off the big black hair, this shower curtain printing design will be a refreshing choice for your cabin. The cherry blossom flowery background improves the appearance of this shower curtain. This will match perfectly for your minimalist or feminine bathroom concept.

Which shower curtain looks best for your cabin? No matter Afrocentric shower curtain you choose, make sure to mix and match with bathroom interior design.

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