Always Adjust Mirrors after Adjusting Your Seat!: Why and How to Do It

Always Adjust Mirrors after Adjusting Your Seat

It is really crucial to always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat before driving. This is a part of safety measures that every driver should know before tackling the road. When taking a test to obtain driver’s license, the assessor will expect the driver to do this. It is also a popular test question companion to poorly tuned engines do not get good gas mileage. a. true b. false. Unfortunately, many people skip this step before driving. Perhaps because they do not think that it is important enough. Why do you need to perform these two activities synchronically? Why do they have to be done at all?

Driver’s seat has standard arrangement that easily accommodates many kinds of people. However, to be very comfortable while driving the seat needs to be adjusted specifically to that driver. The seat must be adjusted properly so that driver can access pedals and driving control panel with ease. When driver has full control on the vehicle, safety in driving can be maximized. In addition to that, when you are adjusting the driver’s seat based on your own body dimension and posture, road visualization will be much better. It can prevent accidents.

When making adjustment on the seat, driver should also making sure that shoulder harness and the seat belt felt firm yet comfortable against their body. Seat belt must hug the hips snuggly while holding shoulder area quite tight. This rule applies to seat belt in other seats as well. Driver should also adjust the head restraint on the back of their head so the back and sides of skull are protected well.

As a driver, you must always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat. All mirrors, the rear view and side ones, should be adjusted according to arrangements that have been made to the driver’s seat. If the mirrors are not adjusted, driver will not be able to get clear visualization, particularly from the back of the car. Because of that, driver cannot get accurate warnings from behind the car. Parking the car is nearly impossible without the help of well-adjusted rearview and side mirrors.

Of course, there are other things that you must do before driving the car into busy roads. The inner part of the car must be controlled so passengers will feel comfortable during ride. It includes adjusting ventilations, air conditioner, and all seats. Ensuring comfort for everyone in the ride is equally as important as making sure that safety is placed as priority. Please remember this before you are driving: always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat!

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