Antidiarrheal for Dogs, Over the Counter Diarrhea Medicine to Own

Antidiarrheal for Dogs, Over the Counter Diarrhea Medicine to Own

Having antidiarrheal for dogs at home is quite essential for dog owner. Stomach problems happen a lot of times when you have a dog, including diarrhea. This problem is when your dog has the loose stool, and it makes the dog feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are plenty over the counter medicines for the dog diarrhea that you can buy. Four of them will be explained below.


TummyWorks Probiotic Powder

Prebiotic is one of the best things to stop diarrhea. It works for dogs as well. This is why giving the dog probiotic will help it to cure the ongoing diarrhea. TummyWork is a product of probiotic powder specifically made for dogs. It is safe and easy to consume. The dog will have no problem eating TummyWork and for this reason, TummyWork is considered as one of the best antidiarrheal for dogs.


PetHonesty Probiotic for Dogs

Next, PetHonesty is also a product of prebiotic base for dog. It is a chewing tablet with all the needed ingredients to keep the bowel movement back to normal. This is the product that you want to buy when your dog has the hard time taking medicines. It looks like treat, and it tastes like one.


Deley Naturals Probiotic for Dogs

The other probiotic product listed here is Daley Natural. This is the product of probiotic pills to help stabilize the enzyme inside the dog’s body and preventing any problems in the digestive system. The product is also great to prevent bad breath in dog.


Vetoquinol Pro-Pectalin Oral Gel

This is the product of oral gel that can stop stomach problems in dog, including diarrhea. The product is completed with liver flavor, so the dog will most definitely like to eat it. In addition, this product has no side effect at all and completely safe. If you do not have the time to make dog diarrhea home remedy, probably this particular product is the one you should use.

Well, those medicines are sold for free. They do not require any vet’s prescription at all. However, if the diarrhea has been going on for days without the dog getting any better, it is always better to bring it to the vet. The vet will prescribe the correct drug for the dog, and it help stopping the diarrhea immediately. It should be done when the antidiarrheal for dogs does not seem to work.


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