Antihistamine for Dog Itching and All You Have to Know about the Medication

Antihistamine for Dog Itching and All You Have to Know about the Medication

Using antihistamine for dog itching is something very controversial over the years. The type of medication is seen unsuitable for dogs. However, some pet owners and vets are actually using the antihistamine to treat many health issues in dogs, especially allergy-related health issues. These are some of the best explanations you need to know about the usage of antihistamine.


Benefits of Antihistamine for Dogs Itching

When getting the right antihistamine for dog dosage, you can basically help the dog becomes calmer and soother. Allergic reaction is indeed so bothering and painful for the canine. This is the reason why antihistamine is given. The medication has a sort of sedation effect that will make the dog less exposed to the pain of the allergic reaction, including itching.


Cautions in Using Antihistamine 

The drugs are not suitable for dogs that have severe allergy. You should never try antihistamine for dog itching when the dog is currently pregnant, too. Dogs with anxiety issues should not be given these medications, too, as it is too risky for them. This is why consulting with the pets are preferable in these cases. Do not take any risks when you have never done this before. You need to make sure that the medication is legit and safe.


Typical Antihistamine Products for Dogs

There are several typical antihistamine products that people use out there. However, Benadryl is like the one that becomes the most common. Yes, it is Benadryl the syrup and they are actually intended for human. For dogs, Benadryl works as the calming agent to keep them away from getting too distracted by the allergic reaction.


Antihistamine Side Effects

Surely antihistamine has side effects. There are several of them but one of the most common side effects that come after the medication is consumed is nausea. The dog will probably throw up. If this happens, make the dogs drink lots and lots of water and help giving them some rests. Soon after the medication starts to take effect, the dog will become calmer.

Even though antihistamine medication such as Benadryl is openly sold and easily found anywhere, like literally in a grocery store, you must be careful not to give it randomly to your dogs. Always favor to bring the dogs to the vet and get prescribed medication instead. Although many people have tried giving antihistamine for dog itching, you should not risk anything as it is your dog’s well-being on the line.

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