Apoquel and Cancer: What to Understand about the Popular Drug’s Side Effects

Apoquel and Cancer

Apoquel and cancer could be one of the most interesting cases when it comes to dog drug. Apoquel is the type of drug used to fight against dog’s itch. Dogs often get itched and when the itching worsens and become unbearable for the canine, there has to be drugs to soothe the itch. This is where Apoquel is needed. However, is it true about its relation to cancer? Find out down below.


Can Apoquel Cause Cancer?

The drug surely has a lot of side effects and one of them is related to cancer. Even though the drug is quite effective in soothing itch and discomfort for dog, it has chemicals in it to worsen pre-existed cancer. So, if your dog has cancer (and probably the owner does not know), giving the, Apoquel will worsen the cancer’s symptoms and conditions.


The Common Side Effects of Apoquel

Besides of the established connection between Apoquel and cancer, the drugs do have some other profound side effects. Those side effects are including the development of warts, pneumonia, swollen lymph, and scabbing. Other side effects can be caused by the drugs, too, such as vomiting, seizures, and diarrhea.


Apoquel Alternative

The alternative for the drugs is including the usage of some therapies, like acupuncture. Even though this practice is less common for dogs, it is highly effective to remove itchy feeling and soothe the dog. They won’t feel the torture from the itch anymore, even without the help of that drug.


How to Avoid Using Apoquel?

In order to prevent enduring all those side effects and prevent Apoquel overdose, too, make sure pet owners know how to avoid the itch so that the drug won’t be necessary. The methods to keep the dog away from severe itch are including removing allergens from your house and feed the dog right. Make sure that allergens are kept as far away as possible from your house by using air purifier. Also, make sure that the dog eats the needed protein and product that won’t cause them to get exposed to their allergens.

A lot of dog’s drugs have side effects. It is something common. As for Apoquel, it can indeed worsen pre-existed cancer and has the slight possibility of causing a new one, too. Make sure that your dog is well-treated every day so that they won’t have to be given with drugs to maintain their health. This way, there is no need for Apoquel and cancer as its risk.

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