Beds for Arthritic Dogs, and the Main Things to Consider before Purchasing It

Beds for Arthritic Dogs, and the Main Things to Consider before Purchasing It

Before searching for beds for arthritic dogs, you need to understand what arthritis is. While the signs are quite visible in humans, our dogs cannot say truly that they are hurting as a result of arthritis.


The definition in both humans and dogs are the same: the inflammation of your dog’s joints. This typically comes with symptoms of swollen joint, any discomfort, pain, as well as stiffness—the latter three aren’t visible and can only be felt by the sufferer itself. Yes, your dog.


Signs of canine arthritis  

As it states ‘joints’, then the symptoms will affect all joints, not only one. That said, the symptoms are often systemic, causing your dog to:

  • Feel pain of moving, which leads to the next symptoms
  • Move sluggishly, or even immobility
  • Having swollen joints
  • Lick extremely in specific joints
  • Facing mood alteration that may lead to reluctance to eating.


Why the right bed becomes important

Why does preparing the right bed for arthritic dog becomes important for your arthritic dog? The reason is simple: because your arthritic pup will stay for a long time in their bed. When their bed is comfortable, it will help them to reduce the arthritis-related pain. This is not only important for senior dogs, but adolescent dogs of large breed are also recommended to use this kind of bed as well.


What to consider 

If you are looking for beds for arthritic dogs, make sure you think about these in mind:

  • Size. Nothing beats size when you need to purchase the right bedding for your dog. So, measure your dog first. Then add 7-10 inches in order to pick the right size of the bed. The spare inches are required since your dog may stretch while sleeping.
  • Material. When it comes to arthritic dogs, choose a bed material which is not only lightweight but also sturdy as well. Also, if your dog is a heavy chewer, make sure you consider this in picking the right material.
  • Filling. For arthritic dogs, the best material is orthopedic memory foam. This kind of material will ensure that the inflamed joints are ‘supported’ nicely.
  • Will it be easy for you to wash the bed if your dog wets itself on the bed? These days there are lots of waterproof liner which will help you to have an easy way to clean the wet bed.
  • Budget. Aside from size, this point is another paramount aspect to consider. Make sure your choice doesn’t make you go crazy just to pay for it.

To sum it up, there are several things you need to consider before purchasing your dog’s bed, especially if your dog is arthritic. Knowing those aspects will help you to ensure the beds for arthritic dogs chosen are the nicest one.

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