How to Choose the Best Kitty Litter for Odor Control?

Some Product Recommendations of the Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

If you have cat, you will need to have the best cat litter for odor control. It is true that this pet is always able to boost up the mood. Seeing those playing and even cuddling can make people so happy. However, when you find the bad smell from it, this can be so bad although it is not smell of their body. That is why litter box is invented, so the cat can throw its stuff in the box. Of course, you will need the best product to control and even remove the odor.

How to Choose Cat Litter for Odor Control?

Removing odor is one of the problems commonly experienced by the cat owners. Yes, the cat is definitely a kind of cute animals. But at the same time, it takes time to train them so that the cats can poop on where they should be. Cat litter is undeniably a good solution regarding the place to let them defecate. But again, the odor is around and it may disturb your activities. Based on that fact, choosing a type of cat litter that has a function as an odor control is recommended. Here are some tips to get the best product.

1. The Best Clumping Cat Litter with Good Materials

First of all, make sure that the cat litter is able to clump simply. Why? When the litter cannot be clumping, it means that the product needs more treatments. Mainly, you still need to clean the container after the litter has been thrown. Some materials are known to be more effective to clump than the others.

Best Clumping Cat Litter

For examples, there are papers and wood. Those two material types tend to have a light and flexible structure. This way, the entire litter tends to be naturally clumped and you can just throw it in the toilet to let it be flushed.

2. A Pine Cat Litter with Natural Fragrance

Pine Cat Litter

The use of fragrance in a cat litter product is actually still controversial. The fragrance or scent itself is commonly made from chemical substances that are not good for the cat’s health. Even they can cause problems like allergy and irritation. So, rather than choosing a product with additional fragrance, it is much better to have the natural fragrance one. The term of natural fragrance here means that the odor removal substance is coming naturally from the material. Generally, it is just the same as the unscented cat litter actually. However, the product still has an ability to remove odor. Commonly, cat litter with natural fragrance is made from pine and wood pieces.

3. A Flushable Cat Litter to Avoid Obstruction in Waterways

Flushable Cat Litter

Traditionally, you may need to bury the cat litter to remove it from home. Unfortunately, this method is considered not effective. Moreover, it is if you are living in an area without enough ground with soil. Well, the apartment residents are good examples of this. So, the fastest and most efficient way to remove the litter is by throwing it to the toilet. Sure, it also means that the cat litter chosen must be flushable to avoid obstructions in waterways.

The best flushable cat litter is indeed made from paper. It is reasonable by remembering how easy the paper is to be destroyed only by water splashes. That’s why; the paper litter product is also claimed as the world’s best cat litter for odor control. Not only is it good to absorb odor, but its flushable thing is also a plus point. Interestingly, the paper litter is not alone. Some litter products from mineral gravels are also considered flushable. This material is produced from soil-like minerals so that it can be simply exuviated with the water.

4. Safe and Non-Toxic Cat Litter Pellets

Cat Litter Pellets

There are many reasons to choose organic cat litter. Despite its ability to be flushed and parsed more easily, it tends to be safe for your cat. No matter how active and strong your cat is, it is still one of the sensitive creatures in which all the facilities must be paid attention well. Aside from foods, problems like allergy, irritation, and even diarrhea can come from the environment including from the litter. So, it is much more recommended to choose cat litter pellets than the synthetic one.

Cat litter pellet is commonly produced from certain organic and natural materials. They are starting from pines, wooden peels, food residues, and others. Indeed, during the production process, there must still be chemical substances to add. For examples, they are to make the product more durable and shaped like tiny gravels. However, they are considered safe enough for the cat although you basically still need to watch its effect on the cat. It is different from the cat litter made from silica gel that tends to be more difficult to flush and parse.

One more thing, the cat litter pellet is definitely the best cat litter for odor control. It is due to the natural smell or scent coming from the materials. Indeed, the fragrance may not strikingly smell like the artificial one. But is enough to remove the odor around the area.

5. Choose the Best Cat Litter Box

Cat Litter Box

Some products of cat litter don’t have official brand names. They can be simply found in the pet shop with prices that are relatively cheaper than others. Buying the product is no matter at all particularly if you want to save your money more. However, make sure that the product still has its box, not simply put in a plastic bag. Without good storage, cat litter can be easily rotten mainly if it is made from organic materials. There are many experiences when the litter is finally thrown for nothing for the fungi that grows on it.

6. Cat vs. Kitty Litter Box

Kitty Litter Box

So, is there any difference related to the litter product for adult cat and kittens? In general, the litter product available in the market is just the same between the litter for adult cat and kitten. The reason is that their needs are actually not really different. Indeed, kittens must still be more sensitive and prone to sickness than adults. Moreover, it is if they are the newborn kittens. But the sensitivity is nothing to do with the litter given.

Maybe, the important thing is separating the place or bucket. However, it is sometimes also not an easy thing since the cat is still an animal that just wants to poop any where they want. The litter should also be changed often as well as the must also be washed after the usage. So, this is how to choose the best cat litter for odor control.

Some Product Recommendations of the World’s Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

There are many options of litter products. However, it is bad idea to trust ads. There should be good consideration to make and you will need some reference of this. To help you in considering, these are some great products for your lovely cat.

  • Even Clean Extra Strength
    Even Clean Extra Strength

    This is the first recommended product of the best cat litter for odor control to keep your room safe from the bad smells. The product uses many activated carbons and agents of antimicrobial. These combinations are so powerful to keep and even neutralize the odor coming out from your cat. Even, it can provide good smell for the room, so it is not just for neutralizing.
  • Arm & Hammer
    Arm & Hammer

    This product is so famous for its baking soda. It is not just regular baking soda found in cooking recipes and ingredients. The product develops and even make patent of their formula. Well, it is not only about the baking soda, but some other chemical substances are also included to give better effectiveness in dealing with odor.
  • Purina Tidy Cats Glade
    Purina Tidy Cats Glade

    This is the other reference of the best cat litter box for odor control. It is the result of combination between two companies working in quite different sector. Purina is famous for the products for cats, yet Glade is great with products to provide air freshness. By the combination, good product is created to deal with bad smells from your cat. Besides neutralizing odor and controlling it, it can provide fresher smell for the room.

Those are some recommendations of products to control the odors. With all of them, you will have no problems anymore, even if the cat is left alone at home for some hours. The room will always be fresh and no bad smell is going to ruin your mood because of the best cat litter for odor control.

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