The Best Guinea Pig Food Important Points to Consider

Best Guinea Pig Food

Frankly speaking, sometimes pet owner doesn’t know how to choose the best guinea pig food for their furry friend. Since guinea pigs categorized as a critter pet, they love to munch and eat every time. It is not only because their appetite, but it is also affected by their teeth development. This might cause trouble if they eat something that they shouldn’t have. Besides, a healthy diet is important for Guineans, considering the fact that they have such a high rate of activities. Those are more than enough reason to look for the right food for those little adorable creatures. This can be done after considering these factors below.

Which Type of Grass is contained?

There are a lot of grass types that can be fed for Guineans. Amongst them are grass hays, botanical hay, timothy hay, alfalfa and clover hays, oat hay, and orchard grass hay. These grasses have different specification and purposes. The preferred consumption for guinea pig is food which contains around 70% to 80% hay. Look for grass that contains a great amount of hays. Not only it is good for your Guineans health, it is also good for their dental health, because it halts the overgrowing of their teeth. Overall, look for fibrous and low-fat hays to keep their diet reached its maximum potential.

The Ingredients

The best guinea pig food also contains fewer chemical ingredients. Instead, they should consist of high-quality nutritious ingredients. Give guinea pigs food sunflower seeds, but not too often, so your dog is not obese. Moreover, do not make sunflower seeds as the main food. The maximum limit per day is only 4 to 6 seeds. Giving peanuts must also be controlled because the fat content is very high. Soybeans and green bean seeds are known to have complex nutrients for humans and are certainly good for guinea pigs. So, it’s okay if given every day. These two seeds also indirectly sharpen the teeth of guinea pigs which will indeed continue to grow.

The Ages of the Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig baby food is only milk from his mother. In this phase, your only task is to ensure the mother’s food intake is not interrupted. On day 8 to 9, the mother has begun to introduce more solid food to her baby. By introducing solid food, the mother also begins to reduce the intensity of milking her baby. Climbing at the age of three weeks, they can consume all the food like an adult guinea pig. Start choosing the best guinea pig food now!

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