Bordetella Shot Cost, Benefits, Schedule and Everything Else You’ve Got to Know

Bordetella Shot Cost

When dog owners are looking for the Bordetella shot cost, they may have considered of taking their pets to the vet and get this vaccine. This vaccine is one of the most important ones to be given to a dog. For those who are interested in this type of vaccine and plan to get one for the dog, here is full information about the vaccine, including how much you should pay for it.

What is Bordetella Vaccine?

This vaccine shot is a shot to prevent Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria. The bacteria will threaten the dog’s life as it will attack the upper respiratory system of the dog, inflame it and eventually get the dog kennel cough disease. This disease is highly contagious and surely it can destroy your dog’s respiratory system and infect other dogs’, too.


The Benefits of Bordetella Vacinne

The shot has numerous benefits for the dog’s health. However, it is clear as day that the biggest benefit of the dog getting the shot is that they will be free from kennel cough disease. The disease is excruciating as it will make the dog severely cough all the time. They will cough blood eventually and getting weaker. This is why the shot should not be taken for granted. It is highly important.


Time to Give a Dog Bordetlla Vacinne

The Bordetella vaccine schedule in the dog’s life is important to know. Generally, this vaccine shot is given twice all through the dog’s life. When a puppy is under six months old, the shot needs to be given. The next one should be given another six months later to complete the immune system of the dog against Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria.


How Much Would it Cost?

Bordetella shot cost is well-known to be quite affordable. It will cost $15 (USD) to $20 per shot. As you need two shots, it will cost you $30 to $40. However, please remember that every vet has different rate and the cost for each state can be different, too, from one another.

Now that you know the cost, the importance, and other things about the cost, you should be able to understand how essential it is. This is why you should take the pet to their vet right now to get the shot. That vaccine shot won’t cost you a lot of money as the Bordetella shot cost is indeed quite cheap and highly affordable.

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