Cat Goopy Eye and 4 Reasons Why the Cat’s Eyes are Watery

Cat Goopy Eye and 4 Reasons Why the Cat’s Eyes are Watery

When you notice cat goopy eye on your pet feline, you need to understand why that happens. There are many reasons why cat eyes are leaking water and why they are so watery. They can be just a normal condition or a severe one as well. So, this is the four reasons why your cat eyes are commonly watery, and you need to know all about this now.


Eye Crust Accumulation

Just like human, cat eye is also producing eye crust. As human can just scrap them away, cats are not doing that so often. So, the eye crust will be accumulated and it can cause the eyes to be watery. If you notice too much eye crust on the cat eyes, make sure you wipe them off with clean clothes or with some cotton swap. It will help the cat to reduce the watery eye condition.



Allergies can also be one of the most common reasons for cat goopy eye. These cause the body to expel liquid or to react badly toward the allergen. Watery eye can be the sign that your cat is exposed to the allergen. Make sure you know what your cat is allergic to, and prevent it from having all sorts of contact to the allergen. This way, the cat watery eye will happen less often.



Cats scratch their eyes quite often and they may accidently make wounds on the eyes or around the eyes. It makes the eyes watery and this leads the cats to have goopy eyes. This is a common situation rather than the dangerous one like corneal ulcer in cat or something. Eye injuries, if not severe can be treated immediately using home remedies.


Foreign Objects

The cats are probably and accidently having something in their eyes. Small pebbles or anything smaller can be in the eyes and causing so many problems, including watery eyes. Remove them immediately on your own or with the help of the vet.

Those are the most common reasons why the cats are basically having watery eyes. If they are none of them and you notice blood or swelling on the eyes, you may want to take the cat to the vet to get further examination. Make sure you get the cat the proper treatment to see the real reason why it has watery eyes. That way, you do not have to worry about cat goopy eye all the time.

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