Cat Pukes after Eating: Discover 5 Common Causes of Cat’s Puke

Cat Pukes after Eating 2

You may wonder why your cat pukes after eating, even if it is in its healthy condition. Calm down and don’t be panic, you can find the answer why your cat throws up in this article below.

First, it is important to note that all cats will at its lifetime throw up. However, it should not be a frequent occasion, like twice or more in a week. If your feline friend shows frequent throwing up, then it’d be better for you to go to a vet as soon as possible. There must be an underlying cause why your cat throws up food so frequent.

The reasons behind a cat’s puke vary from a simple reason like too fast eating, to things perilous such as hyperthyroidism, poisoning, and cancer. If your cat pukes after eating, then the cause could be any of these following:

Eating too fast

We human know it—when we chew and swallow too fast, it may lead to upset stomach. In human, the food that comes too fast will increase the chance of acid reflux. It makes you feel more nauseous and hence the vomit. The same thing goes for cats as well.


Eating too much

It shares similar cause with the previous explanation. Overloaded stomach tends to have a higher chance of acid reflux. Cats have it too, and for the same reason it makes them to feel nauseous as well. And that’s how the vomit comes.


 ‘Foreign’ objects that they should not eat

Your cats may not be that meticulous in picking things alien to their food—what cats can do is just eat and eat! That makes them unable to be prone to swallowing weird objects that should not be there. Alas, this stuff can bring them to puke as well.



It is not a secret that hairballs can trigger them to get rid of it by puking the stuff out. If your cat has just eaten their meal, this hairball-induced retching-and-vomiting process may lead them to throwing the food out.


Food allergies

Your cats may not dodge the food leading them to allergy, but the stomach will state it clear through their vomit that the food is ‘no good for the body’. One thing that marks that your cat is having food allergy is that it vomits anytime you provide them the same food.

Those five causes are the most common condition causing your cat to puke. However, keep in mind that may not represent your cat’s real condition. Therefore, that would be better if you arrange a visit to a vet if the cat pukes after eating continuously.

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