Cat Sneezing and Watery Eyes: 3 Steps to Treat the Cat Fever

Cat Sneezing and Watery Eyes

Cat sneezing and watery eyes are early signs when your cat might have a fever. Unlike in humans, cat fever is usually caused by a specific type of virus. There is actually a vaccine specifically made to prevent this kind of virus. Even if they have already vaccinated, they are still prone to respiratory infections. Also, severe infections may weaken their immune system that may last more than two weeks.

In fact, noticeable discharge of the nose, cat sneezing and runny eyes, are the early symptoms of upper respiratory diseases. The cats usually will have a fever. As the infection worsens, their eyes may get swollen, the nose releases mucus, the eyes turn white, and conditions may appear in their tongue or mouth. The advanced symptoms mostly include loss of appetite and pneumonia. Before the fever gets worse, do the things below.

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Make sure your cats has vaccination 

Well, today’s vaccination is the best defense against respiratory viruses. Even if your cat never has direct contact with other outdoor cats, it is still essential to get them vaccinated simply because the respiratory viruses are carried by air.

Don’t wait until the virus goes away

Once you notice the sign of cat sneezing and watery eyes, take them to a nearby vet as soon as possible. Although several respiratory infections can go away without requiring specific treatment, the virus is able to attack and permanently harm the cat’s eyes and make them blind. Besides, the untreated fever may lead to the appetite loss or severe pneumonia.

Do not spread the virus

As we know, the respiratory viruses are incredibly contagious, and the cats that have these viruses should be kept away from other felines. As the owner, you should also frequently wash your hands with hot water right after taking care of your sick cats. Calling the vet the moment you discover the early symptoms of fever is a great way to prevent any unwanted incident. The vet will recommend a specific vaccine to prevent cat fever. Although it does not always work, it can enhance the chance for a quick recovery.

Cats are as prone to many diseases as their owners. There are many precautions you can take to keep your pets healthy. However, just like any chronic disease, if you find cat sneezing and watery eyes sign, it would be best to immediately consult to the vet.

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