Cat Squinting One Eye and Some Causes that You Should Know

cat squinting one eye

Sometimes, you may see your cat squinting one eye. When it happens for several seconds, of course there is nothing to worry. It may be just the natural responses toward something in the eye. However, when your cat squinting for long time and it does not get better, surely it will make you worry. It is your favorite cat and something bad can make you really sad. Well, there are some reasons that can make this happen.

It is true that you may get worried when something bad happened on your cat. Moreover, it is on the eye and it can be dangerous since surely your cat may not feel uncomfortable with the condition. Related to these, you should know some causes of cat squinting one eye.

Something obstructing in eye

For the first reason, there may be obstruction in the eye. It can happen when your cat is active and sometimes you allow your cat to play in the outdoor area. As the solution, you can try to check it and remove the obstruction. You can check the eyelid to see the obstruction. However, when you are not sure about removing it, it is better to go to vet and let the vet do the job.


Cats that often play outside and see other cats will have some problems, including accidents and fights. These two reasons can be the source of problem when you see your cat squinting one of the eye. The eye may be scratched and it makes your cat unable to open the eye. When it happens, of course you should let the wound healed and you may need eye patch to make the eye recover faster.


The cat squinting one eye can be caused by inflammation occurred in the eye. Specifically, it happens on the membrane of eye. This can be indicated by the swollen area around the cat’s eye.  Of course, this should get treatment from the vet since your cat cannot heal itself when it happens.

Those are some issues or problems that make your cat squinting the eye. Some of them do not involve serious problems. However, there are also some problems that need serious treatment from the vet. Surely, you should be careful in seeing and checking the condition. In case you are not sure about the problems, bringing the cat to your favorite vet is the best solution when you see your lovely cat squinting one eye for long duration.

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