Cat Throwing Up Hairball Signs that You Should Know

Cat Throwing Up Hairball Signs that You Should Know

A cat throwing up hairball is very common thing to happen. When you have cats, you may notice that sometimes your cat is gagging and vomiting hairballs. Cat licks themselves quite often and surely their hairs and furs are getting swallowed. The accumulation of the hair inside the body is going to be expelled by throwing them up. These are the signs you should know about the hairball throw up.


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Constant Gagging

Gagging is when your cat is like they are about to vomit, but they are not. It is pitiful to watch as the cat seems to be in a lot of pain. Well, it is quite true as when the cat is gagging, they are actually trying very hard to expel the hairball. You should contact the vet as soon as possible when the gagging is happening too often and the cat throwing up hairball is not happening yet.



As there are strange things inside the tummy, like hairball, the cat will have abnormal bowel movement, including constipations. You will notice this sign when you try to clean up the cat’s sandbox and find no waste in there. It is not a good sign to happen to a cat and you should bring the cat to the vet immediately as constipation is bad.


Lack of Appetite

If your cat is a big eater and suddenly they refuse to eat, you know it is not something good going on in there. Combined with the symptom of gagging and constipation, you know that cat refusing to eat must be something related to the hairball.


Vomiting & Retching

Expelling the hairball is done by throwing up. This is why, beside gagging, cats will keep vomiting to try to get rid of the ball of fur. Vomit in cats should be dangerous when they are happening too frequently. It will drain the cat’s energy as well as the liquid inside the cat’s body. It causes dehydration and lameness. This

Hairball throw up is usually happening to breeds of cats which have longer hair, like Persian or Maine Coon. However, licking themselves is like the habit of all type of cats so at some points cat will throw up hairball anyway. Make sure that you know the signs above and if the cat is having problems in expelling the hairball, the vet should be contacted immediately and solve the cat throwing up hairball problem.

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