Cat Urinating Blood Home Remedy: Simple Treatment for Cat Urinary Tract Infection

Cat Urinating Blood Home Remedy

When you are looking for cat urinating blood home remedy, thankfully there are many of them to choose from. The disease, known as UTI in short, happens to cats, dogs and many other creatures. It is basically when their urinary tract is not in well condition, and it is leaking blood. What are the remedies to take care of it? The answer is explained below.


Apple Cider Vinegar

The most well-known cat urinating blood home remedy is the apple cider vinegar. This liquid has so much acidity and it helps to alter the pH balance in the cat’s urine. It will slow down the bacteria growth as well, so your cats can get better of their UTI as soon as possible. You can make them drink apple cider vinegar as it is, or mix it with their water.



Just like apple cider vinegar, cranberries are prominent to have high acidity as well. It helps altering the pH balance just like the previous home remedies. It works just like the antibiotic for urinary tract infection. Chop the cranberries and mix them with the cat’s food. It will help them to get rid of the infection as soon as possible. It works in so many cases, so you will have to try it too.


Marshmallow Root

The key of curing UTI is to stop the bacteria growth and infection inside the body. Marshmallow root has just the ability to do that. It will help the body to stop bacteria from growing widely in the urinary area and thus helping the cats stop the UTI. For those who have difficulties in accessing the root, it is normally available in traditional market or farmer’s market.


Bone Broth

Hydrating the cats when they have UTI is very important. You have to do that by getting the cats to consume bone broth. The broth is rich of water, and it supplies a lot of hydration to the cat’s body. It is delicious anyway and the cat won’t refuse it.

Even though the home remedy is available, it is always better to bring the cats to the vet immediately when they have UTI. The vet will make them consume medical drugs to keep the UTI stops and remove the pain. So, get the home remedy, but after that, bring the cats to visit the vet. It should help them get better after getting the cat urinating blood home remedy.


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