Cat Vomiting Undigested Food Causes and the Right Treatments

Cat Vomiting Undigested Food Causes and the Right Treatments

A cat vomiting undigested food is something most cat owners have encountered. While it’s common, it’s not an issue that can be belittled. Vomiting could be a non-specific symptom of some severe health conditions. These conditions often include things such as pancreatitis, constipation, poisoning, indigestion, or even depression. But what precisely causes a feline of vomiting undigested food?

Eating too fast

Eating too quickly often causes a cat to throw up undigested food. Using a food puzzle to feed your cat is a good option as it will help them to slowly eat their food. Not only does it a good source for play, but a food puzzle is also perfect for your cat’s enrichment. There are a bunch of mass-manufactured food puzzles that you can easily obtain to stimulate the foraging and predatory nature of your fur friend. If you have routinely used this feeder and your cat still vomiting, it’s best to immediately talk to a vet.


Hairballs are one of the common causes that make your cat throwing up undigested food. While sometimes it’s not a big concern, every cat owner should be mindful that this issue must not be regular, uncomfortable, or even hard to pass through by your cat. To prevent this condition, you may try to feed your cat gel or chew nutritional supplements. Regularly brushing your cat will also help remove loose so that they won’t ingest it when your feline grooming himself.

Dietary Changes

When you change the feeding schedule of your cat or switch his diet, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find your cat vomiting undigested food. It is advised to change your cat’s diet over a period of one to two weeks by gradually increasing your cat’s new food and decreasing the current diet. If your cat tends to eat quickly, this may lead to regurgitation. While it’s less likely to happen, it would be best to feed your cat a small amount of food to prevent vomiting. You can also discuss with a vet how much food you should feed your cat on a daily basis.

Vomiting is never a normal thing for a cat. It could be a sign of a serious health problem if your cats throw up more than once in one week. If you still notice your cat vomiting undigested food when you have fed your pet with a puzzle toy and see other symptoms such as weight loss, diarrhea, or lethargy, it would be best to immediately bring your cat to a vet.

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