CB2 Helix Bookcase, the Most Efficient and Modern Bookcase for All Places

CB2 Helix Bookcase

CB2 Helix bookcase comes to answer your wish for organized and tidy interior space. Having cluttered stuff is quite annoying; on the other hand you cannot get rid of them. In case you need to decorate the interior with small accessories but want to stay organized, bookcase is what you need. Being known as bookcase, its function is not merely to store book. Beyond, it can be smart solution to enhance your interior decoration with less effort. How does Helix bookcase from CB2 look like? Here is the brief review for you.

At a glance, Helix bookcase does not appear as typical bookcase. Instead, it looks more similar to a ladder. The bookcase is designed with metal tube frame with four fixed acacia shelves, creating unique appearance to be called as a bookcase. In addition to the design, the frame is made out of metal with powder-coated carbon finish to make sure it is durable and good-looking at the same time. Coming with modular design, it allows saving space whenever you locate the bookcase.

About the dimensions, this CB2 Helix bookcase comes with 30” x 11.75” x 70” overall dimensions with 14” between shelves. The shelves itself are built in 29.75” x 11.75” x 1”. According to this, Helix bookcase will fit in your space either living room or bedroom. This is also a great choice for anyone who do not like to have too much furniture in the room. Being skinny, Helix bookcase is not going to obstruct your vision.

This is as a space-saving bookcase that is able to realize your dream of organized room. You can easily organize your favorite books, table accessories, even laptop in the acacia veneer shelves. There is nothing to worry about, considering the case is made to be durable. Either you have contemporary modern or traditional interior design; you will find Helix bookcase a suitable addition for any room.

Last but not least, CB2 comes with the right angles for the right stuff. What can be better than having versatile bookcase with modern design for home interior? This is what you need to level up any room. Whenever you bring it home, do not forget to follow CB2 Helix bookcase instructions to make sure you build it right. To install the bookcase, stud mounting is recommended. For drywall installation, hardware is also included for every purchase. Go get your CB2 Helix bookcase.

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