Cerenia Dosage for Cats and Other Related Information about the Drug

Cerenia dosage for cats

The information about Cerenia dosage for cats is surely important. The drug is known as Maropitant Citrate as well. This is the drug often prescribed to cats when they suffer from acute stomach upset and vomiting. Giving it to the cats cannot be taken for granted. There should be recommendation from the vet first, and there are a lot more things for you to find out. Here are some of them.


Cerenia Dosing for Cats

The dosing for cat is 0.45 mg per pound (1.0 mg/kg). It means that if your cat weighs a pound, you should be giving 0.45 mg of Cerenia. If your dog is weigh two pound, the amount of Cerenia given to the dog is 0.90 mg. It goes on and on.


Is it Safe for Cats of All Age?

After understanding the Cerenia dosage for cats, of course you need to know whether or not the drug is eligible for cats of the age of at least four months old. Cats under that age are considered too young to use the drug. If your cat is under four months old, you may want to take it straight to the vet when it has upset stomach or when the cat keeps vomiting.


Cat Conditions Where Cerenia is prescribed for

Side effects are common in drugs. Cerenia is considered safe to use. The side effects are rare and very mild indeed. Some of the side effects that may happen, but mostly won’t, are including diarrhea, appetite lost, excessive drooling, and anaphylaxis. If you are afraid of these side effects to happen, you may want to contact your vet and ask for Cerenia alternative for cats.


The Side Effects of Cerenia

The drug has side effects but it won’t happen very often anyway. The side effects are including loss of appetite and interruption on the digestive system. To avoid any complications, before giving Cerenia to the cats, contact the vet as soon as possible. They know exactly the understanding and the risk of using the drug.

Having to watch your cats suffering from upset stomach or vomiting too frequently can be something unbearable. This is why the drug to soothe the vomiting, like Cerenia, is needed. Do not forget to contact the vet first to make sure the cat’s condition is not something else that needs further treatments. Also, always follow the Cerenia dosage for cats for the best and most effective effect.

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