Cerenia for Dogs Upset Stomach Information that Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

Cerenia for Dogs Upset Stomach Information that Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

Cerenia for dogs upset stomach is definitely effective for the purpose. The drug, also known as Maropitant Citrate, is really useful in treating dog’s nausea and severe vomiting. If your dogs have weak stomach and they vomit a lot, you may want to use Cerenia to make sure the upset stomach and all problems it causes can be minimized. Here are some explanations about the drug.


Preventing Acute Vomiting Effectively

The drug is really effective in preventing acute vomiting. It can also be used for dogs that have motion sickness during long trip or just basically dogs whose stomach is weak. The drug works as it soothes the stomach and provides more comfort to the dog while preventing more vomiting from happening.


Available in Different Tablet Sizes

The highly effective drug is pretty much available in several sizes of tables to make sure every kind of dogs in any size and weight can consume the drug. This way, dogs of any kinds or any breed will have the easiest medicine-feeding time, and they will be relieved from the pain of upset stomach in just a few minutes.


Only Once in a Day Dosing

It is a well-known secret that dogs are not really good in taking medicines. So, if you think you will have to struggle a lot of times a day to force-feed Cerenia to the dog, do not worry about it because the dosing is once-a-day only. Yes, you just have to feed the Cerenia for dogs upset stomach one time per day, and that is it. The dosing is enough to prevent the acute vomiting.


Contains No Sedating Chemicals

Some people are hesitant to give the drugs to their dogs because they are afraid the drug will have sedatives in it. The chemicals can indeed have bad impacts to the dog. Sometimes, the dogs cannot even take it. Cerenia is free from any sorts of sedating chemicals. The Cerenia for dogs upset stomach side effects are very mild and hardly found.

This drug should be bought with a prescription from the dog’s vet. Drugstores won’t sell this product freely anyway. Once you get it, make sure you follow the instructions and the dosing information, so it won’t cause any further complications to the dog. It is always better to bring the dog to the vet first before giving it this Cerenia for dogs upset stomach.

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