Collapsed Trachea in Dogs and Some Information about This Health Issue

Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

There can be various health issues on your dogs, and collapsed trachea in dogs can be one of them. Unfortunately, it is not such kind of simple health issue. It can very dangerous and some doctors say the collapsed trachea cannot be fully healed. As its name, the problems occur on trachea. It is the internal organ of dogs that looks like a windpipe. Of course, when it gets problems, breathing system will occur and it can lead to serious problems.

Normally, the collapsed trachea occurs in small dogs. The small sizes make the dogs more fragile and sensitive to get the problems in their windpipe. In case you also have small dogs in your house, it is better to know the some symptoms of collapsed trachea in dogs and other information about this health issue. Although your dog is healthy, it is still better to know something serious. 

Symptoms of collapsed trachea

The clear symptom is coughing. Since the problem occurs in the windpipe and breathing system, coughing is the normal responses shown by the dogs. However, it is not normal cough. It is dry and you will hear strange sound when the dog is coughing. Then, the dog will tend to be solitary and less cheerful. 

Diagnosing the collapsed trachea

When the symptom appears, it is time to diagnose the dog. In fact, it shows the similar symptom as the other respiratory problems. That is why doctors or vets will conduct further diagnosis. In this case, it can only be done by using X-Ray. Radiography is needed to fully understand the condition. Endoscopy is also able to choose by vet in case radiography does not show something specific about the health issue. 


In term of treatment for the collapsed trachea in dogs, there should be special treatment on the windpipe. It should get less pressure and it means that dog owner must be careful in using collar or harness. Usually, vets will also give suppressants of cough to relieve the dogs. Of course, regular checking is necessary since the vet should monitor the condition and the progress. 

It is true that the collapsed trachea can become serious issues and there no dog owner who wants to get this happens. However, it is health issue and there is always solution to solve or relieve the condition. That is why it is important to know the information about the collapsed trachea in dogs, so good treatment can be given to the lovely pet. 


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