Cost to Treat Parvo Infection in Dogs: Why Does It Charge You So Much?

Cost to Treat Parvo Infection in Dogs

If your dog is suffering from parvovirus infection, it is reasonable that you start to wonder how much the cost to treat parvo is. If you previously have come across various website and finally arrive here, you will know that for treating dogs that suffer from this viral infection is not cheap.

It is unpleasant to think about the cost, but parvovirus is not a virus to be taken as a simple threat. Besides the virus is highly infectious, the chance of getting a vaccinated dog to catch the virus is not zero. Canine parvovirus can cause broad symptoms, such as:

  • Appetite loss
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloody stool, or sometimes it manifests to diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Insistent vomiting
  • Septic shock, if the overall immune system is affected by the virus

If your dog is facing such symptoms, it is a good call to consult your vet as soon as you’ve noticed these two apparent behavioral changes: loss of appetite, and consistent lethargy. The quicker the vet learned that your dog is affected by parvo virus, the chance of getting being tackled quicker is higher – despite the fact this virus has no cure.

You may wonder why parvo-infected dogs should be treated quickly. Moreover, given that there is no specific drug is available to cure the infected one.

Well, the reason why it must be taken seriously is because the virus infection is life-threatening. Given that there is no exact drug to use, the best your vet can do is to boost your dog’s immune system by giving proper nutrition. Eating orally is not an option since the appetite is low – hence your vet will normally give intravenous nutrition.

Aside from giving nutritional intake, IV administration is often given to combat dehydration. So, electrolyte – combined with protein – will be given through that IV line. Good nursing care is highly required to avoid hypothermia and secondary infections that may come due to lowered immune system. As an additional treatment, your vet will provide a cure to stop your dog’s diarrhea and vomiting.

Lastly, what makes the cost to treat parvo high is the isolation. Parvovirus is highly contagious and infectious; hence it is a must to minimize the risk of infection to be spread. Proper and frequent cleaning, or disinfection where your dog is housed is important.

With all of those aforementioned reasons, the high cost of canine parvo treatment sounds quite reasonable. In general, dogs with parvo virus will require around $500-$2,000. More cost to treat parvo may be charged if your dog requires extended hospitalization.

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