Crating a Puppy at Night: How to Get a Puppy Used to Sleep on Its Own

crating a puppy at night

For many dog parents, crating a puppy at night takes a considerable amount of time and patience. Let alone helping the puppy to keep sleeping in their crate; it can be really taxing. Even if the puppy is taking naps in their crate at noon and eating the meals well, sleeping at night in their crate is a whole new different problem. Read on the tips below to help you to crate training your beloved puppy.

In so many ways, having a pup at home is close to raising a baby. Young canines require a lot of sleep, and they may get cranky if they feel drowsy. But in the end, your puppy will never stop learning new things. The following steps below should help you ease the task of crate training a puppy at night.

There are several things to consider before deciding the place to put the puppy’s crate.

  • Is the puppy getting distressed when they are sleeping at night in a crate in another place?
  • Is the puppy is a light sleeper and often get restless at night?

Most of the dog parents don’t want to make the puppy feel lonely or start whining the moment they feel distressed. Their whole life has changed a lot. They used to sleep with other puppies, and now they have to sleep by themselves in a crate. Putting their crate near your bedroom is able to help them feel safe.

Purchasing a snuggle puppy and put it inside their crate will also help the puppy to get adapted to sleeping on their own as the doll gives warmth and pulse that is similar to the real puppy. Apart from that, placing the crate closer to the place where you sleep is also able to soothe them to sleep at night.

Crating a puppy at night does require a lot of patience, especially if it’s a new puppy. So, don’t be surprised if they are howling or barking in their first nights. The puppy also takes time to get used to the new environment.

The moment the puppy starts barking in their crate, try to ignore them for a while to see whether they will settle down on their own. Look for a cue if you have to re-arrange the crate setup. At last, consider if the puppy needs a lot of physical activities before sleeping in their crate during the night. Crating a puppy at night is like potty training a toddler, but it is way more manageable as the puppy grows faster than a baby.

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