Crating Dog at Night, What are the Benefits of This Act?

Crating Dog at Night, What are the Benefits of This Act

Is crating dog at night a wise and right decision to make? Well, it is not a bad decision at all. As you search for articles online, you will find that both breeders and vets recommend involving the crate to train your dog.

Yes it is difficult to experience since your dog may be barking continuously due to such discomfort. However, it turns out that such enclosed space would eventually help your dog to have rest and relax.

What’s surprising is that dogs have this specific instinct to find a shelter to chill and sleep. Hence, having crates should be a nice decision to make. Following that, crate training your furry canine will also be helpful especially for puppies.

So, how does crate training be helpful for your dog? Dog crate training will teach your puppy these things as follows:

  1. Your puppy will know where it should sleep at night.
  2. Your puppy will also learn how to hold their bladder urge while in crate. At first, you may have to clean for its messes, especially if it’s a puppy. But as it grows up, it will become helpful in helping them control their urges to pee, especially at night. Dogs don’t use this ‘wet mechanism’ to mark their territory.
  3. In case of emergencies, you can have the dog becomes cooperative to be in the crate as you tell them to. This will help to save time and also help to minimalize the risk of them getting injured.
  4. Crates will help your dog to unwind from a busy household and to self soothe.
  5. This will also help your dog to learn the safe place to run to if they feel threatened during a distressful situation—be it a thunderstorm, construction, or maybe fireworks.
  6. Crate-training will help the puppy parents to keep them properly during a long-distance trip. Hence, that would be easier for you to handle the canine fellow.

To make it a successful training, crating dog at night should leave a positive experience for your dog. That said, you should involve treats or meals as they are locked up in their crate, hence they would feel that crate time is actually a reward.

Also, note that it’s not a happy experience for your dog if you are leaving it inside the crate continuously. It requires time before your puppy or dog becomes ready to handle such ‘freedom’ for a quite long time. Training is a must, and it should be done in stages.

Make sure to talk to your vet if you are not sure about how to crate training your puppies. It should not be that different from what’s mentioned in this information about crating dog at night, but it’s never wrong to ask.

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