Denamarin for Cats: How to Safely Give It to Your Cats

Denamarin for Cats

Denamarin for cats is something that a lot of cat owners question about. We all know that numerous cats have problem with their liver. When they get sick because of liver-related problems, the worst case being liver failure, sometimes Denamarin is suggested as the treatment. This supplement is believed to have all the stuff inside of it to cure the liver problem. Find out more down below.

Mind the Cat’s Age

The first thing that you should really know about giving the supplement to the cat is to never ever force a young kitten to have it. The supplement is never recommended to be given to a cat under 6 months old. Their digestive system is still very delicate and may get ruined by Denamarin. That is why when a young kitten is showing liver problem symptoms, the best way to solve it is by bringing the cat to the vet.

Provide a Lot of Water

When you give Denamarin for cats, you need to make sure that you provide a lot of water beside of the tablet. Cats can suffer from choking hazard when getting the pills swallowed. That is why they need to drink a large amount of water to wash the pills down their throats. The pills are quite hard and bitter and providing water will ease the cat consuming it.

Understand the Dose and Side Effects

There are of course Denamarin long term use side effects. However, if the pills will give no side effect at all if it is given by the right dose and just occasionally. The dose is 3 pills a day for adult cat. Do not give the cat large amount of the supplement in a day to prevent damaging side effects like worsening internal organs.

Give Fresh Tablets

The last thing to remember is to always give the cat fresh tablets. The tablets need to be kept in room temperature or cold storage box. It has to be fresh when being given to the cat to avoid poisoning or worsening condition of the cat.

Those are some of the best things you should know about giving your pet cat with the supplement. Even though the supplement is non-prescript one and you can get one with ease at drugstore, make sure that you contact your vet first when the cat shows liver problem symptoms. Giving Denamarin for cats should be recommended first by the vet.

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  1. The vet recommended Denamarin for our 11 year old cat…She takes all her meds but will not touch the Denamarin….We have tried everything…..Shooting it (too cruel), pill pockets (wants nothing to do with them if the Den is inside)…crushing it in food (no way)….breaking it in small pieces and mixing it in crunchy snacks (Smells the rat immediately )……drill small holes in Temptations snacks(which she eats) and inserting the Den but no way with the med inside…wrapping the pill in real tuna, bacon, beef, pork, chicken etc. all to no avail……We are at a loss……..Does this come in a form that is taste/cat friendly ??????? Thanks….Kerry White