Dog Allergic Reaction Bumps Revealed: What It Is and How to Treat It

Dog Allergic Reaction Bumps Revealed

Is your pet dog having dog allergic reaction bumps? Such allergic reaction bumps are called as hives, or in medical term, urticaria. It comes as an acute response to an allergen, but the allergen doesn’t always come from its food. Your dog may get it somewhere, like from insects’ bites, pollens, molds, its own food, or from the administered medications. Are you curious about these sudden bumps attack? Check the explanation about dog’s hives below.


What is urticaria?

In short, it is a skin condition which is characterized by raised reddish bumps, often pruritic. In some cases, the swelling appears almost anywhere on your dog’s body; which will include facial parts and bodily parts. In rare cases, it may even go internal, such as in tongue and throats.

The size may differ from one to another. But in common, it ranges from 5 millimeter to several centimeters. Blending welts are commonly found too, making a huge, irregular shape.


What causes this skin condition?

As you might guess, this dog allergic reaction bumps are caused by allergy. It means, your dog is touching, licking, or literally ‘receiving’ allergen substances to its body. The substances may be present in food although it is not the main source where the allergens come from. Airborne substances, such as pollen, may also cause the hypersensitivity reaction.


Is it a life-threatening illness?

Generally saying, it is no. It is a common skin condition that affects many dogs just like it affects humans. However, if the swelling (or the hives) has reached or occurs internally like in your dog’s throat, here comes the emergency. Usually your dog will start to show difficulty breathing as the swelling blocks the airway passage. Another symptom is the cyanotic gums and tongues (bluish color of those parts).


How to treat the bumps?

If you happen to be unable to visit your vet, and your dog seems to be OK (except the itch, indeed), then you can manage it yourself. Commonly the hives will disappear after a day. But if your dog cannot resist the temptation to scratch, bathing it with hypoallergenic shampoo to remove allergens which may tag along on its coat will help.

Most vets will administer corticosteroid such as dexamethasone and antihistamines per injection as dog allergic reaction bumps treatment. Those medications will bring a dramatic outcome, even in mere several minutes.

However, if your dog starts to show difficulty breathing as aforementioned, it’s best to bring your dog immediately to the vet. Your vet will do the treatment for anaphylaxis like stabilizing your dog’s condition, unblocking the airway passage and administering medications.

That’s the information about urticaria in dogs. Urticaria or the bumps rise as the hypersensitivity reaction to a certain allergen isn’t a dangerous skin condition – unless it doesn’t cause profound effects such as mentioned before. Treating dog allergic reaction bumps at home is possible; but a visit to your vet will dismiss the disturbing welts quickly.

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