Dog Barking Deterrent and Some Devices to Choose

Dog Barking Deterrent

When you have dogs, dog barking deterrent may be needed. Dogs often bark and the sound can be annoying. There can be many reasons why your dogs are barking, but of course it is better to control them, so they do not bark. In some ways, it may make you annoyed, and some other people may also feel uncomfortable with the barks. That is why you may need to know some bark control.

Things to Know about Dog Bark Control

Usually, dogs can be trained so they can be obedient and they will not bark randomly. Dogs are naturally clever and easy to train. However, it needs consistency and sometimes it is hard to train dogs. That is why the dog bark control is chosen. There are actually many kinds of bark control to choose.

There are various products to find. All of them will have various ways of work to stop the dog from barking. The method is known effective, but it is still useful to train them since the device gives punishment to the dogs and it may be painful for them.

The Use of Bark Collar for Large Dogs

Bark collar is one of the devices or tools to control the dogs. The collars have some methods that will stop the dogs from barking. In case of the large dogs, the collars are mostly equipped with the device to produce static shock. There are such kinds of microphone installed on the collar to detect the barks.

There are also collars that use the censor of vibration. Since the dogs will use vibration in the vocal cord to bark, the device uses to vibration as the trigger to release the static shock. Yet, its installation is quite tricky.

The Use of Bark Collar for Small Dogs

In the case of the small dogs, dog barking deterrent can also be in a form of collars. However, the collars may be quite different from the large dogs. It is because the dogs have different body size and they may also have different tolerance for the static shocks.

In most of the small dogs, they use the ultrasonic and citronella spray. These are better punishment for the small dogs, since these will not leave strong trauma. Both of them have the same method since they will detect the dog’s bark from certain censors on the collars.

In using the collars, it is as easy as using the common harness. However, you should make sure that the collar will touch the soft skin of the dogs. In tightening the collar, you have to make sure that your dogs are comfortable with the strains.

Options of Anti Barking Device

About the anti-barking device, there are actually many of devices to choose. Collars are the common options to pick since these are quite effective. Moreover, the collars already have censors that will automatically be activated. It means that you do not need to do anything

When your dog’s spend most of the time in your house, you can have bird house as the dog barking deterrent. When there is bark, the bird house will send ultrasonic sound, so the dogs will be calmer and stop barking.

Information about Citronella Bark Collar

As the other options of static shocks on the bark collar, the citronella bark collar can become the alternative of dog barking deterrent. This is also good and it works in the same way as the other collars. The collars will release the citronella spray. This is kind of liquid that will be sprayed directly on the face of the dogs, especially on the nose.

The spray will be alternative of punishment. Some pet owners think that the spray is more humane than using the electric shocks. It will stop the dogs from barking and the smell will be kind of punishment since the dogs have strong sense for smelling. Of course, it can be alternative solution to choose.

Using Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control

In addition to the electric shock and citronella spray, there is also ultrasonic bark control. The ultrasonic device can be used in various methods. Some pet owners use the collars, but there are also pet owners who choose to have ultrasonic bird house or portable ultrasonic device.

Each of them has different functions and benefits. For the case of collar, it will automatically work, so you will not need to set the device every time your dogs bark and it is great when you often bring your dogs to go outside. Then, the bird house is good for the dogs that spend most of time in the house. For the case of portable device, it is good since you will determine when to use it and it is good to train the dogs.

Using an Outdoor Bark Control

When it is for the outdoor use, you may use the collar as the dog barking deterrent. This is the best option since you will not need to do anything. The collar will work automatically and the dog will get its punishment whenever it barks. It is very helpful.

However, when you do not want to give any punishment for the barks, of course you should know how to train them.  Basically, dogs can be trained and they are smart. It depends on you as the pet owner who should train the pets.

How to Use Spray Bark Collar

In case of spray collar, it works based on dog barking deterrent censors. There are at least two types of censor. First, it uses the microphone to detect the barking. Then, there is also censor of vibration based on the vibration in the vocal cord.

With the censor, the collar will be triggered and it will automatically spray the dogs. There are citronella sprays, but some collars also use other kinds of spray to deal control and punish the dogs.

Those are some points of information regarding the bark control. There are many options of dog barking deterrent to choose. However, it is always better to train the dogs instead of giving them punishment. Moreover, the dogs bark in order to warn and protect you, so it is good to train then punish them.

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