Best High Calorie Dog Food for Weight Gain

Dog Food for Weight Gain

You look for the best dog food for weight gain in order to bring your dog in healthy performance. Weight loss is common in dogs due to several factors. Disease, picky eater, age, and stress will induce dog to lose weight naturally. Underweight is bad for the health, and it will affect the body in future. However, you can’t just offer dogs with extra meal without proper instruction. Visit veterinarian and let them examine then follow the recommendation to find the right food. Some of them are listed at the following sections.

Bully Max High Performance

One choice of the best dog food for weight gain is Bully Max. Make sure you choose High Performance and Premium variant. This kind of food is high protein and calorie. Your dog will be in stable weight after several servings.

Elite K9 Maximum

Another good option is Elite K9 Maximum. As similar to previous product, the dog will consume more protein alongside the calorie. It contains ingredients with rich nutrients, such as chicken, brown rice, and supplement.

Nature’s Logic

Your dog may have issue regarding picky eater. It is common situation that might turn into trouble without proper solution. In that case, you need food with strong flavor and high nutrition. This is where Nature’s Logic becomes the right choice. This product is specifically for dog that’s underweight or having temporary weight loss. Follow the serving instruction and your dog will be in normal weight.

Crave Grain

Crave Grain is dog food with high calorie. As we know, dog is animal that relies on protein and calorie to keep the metabolism. If you serve meal with low calorie, the result is weight loss. At certain point, your dog shows its bone and lack of muscle. To prevent such thing, Crave Grain will help to bring back your dog in the best performance.

You may consider making weight gain food dog recipes. For such purpose, you need guidelines regarding calories and nutrition composition. Put more protein-based ingredients, but keep the fats in check. Calories may come from carbohydrate foods. Read the list of ingredients in above foods, and try to imitate what foods will be if you make your own. The dog still needs time to be in mood and high appetite condition. You can start changing the menu in small serving but more often. After few weeks, try to combine between high protein foods for adult and puppy foods. This is reliable way to create utmost result from the best dog food for weight gain.

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