Dog Itching But No Fleas, and the Best Treatment to Overcome the Problem

Dog Itching But No Fleas

You often see the case of dog itching but no fleas, and you want to know how to solve this issue. In general, the itch is common in dogs, especially the breeds with long fur. Something is happened in their skin or metabolism. The source of this problem might be fleas, so you should get rid of them easily. However, after inspection, you do not find single flea or insect in your dog.

This problem may be caused by weak immune system or allergy. It is quite similar to human who has peanut allergy. The immune system will react, and one of common signs is itch on the skin. It is the most likely cause since you do not see any defection or bad thing on the skin or body. The dog must eat or touch something that generates this reaction. In that case, you must act quickly and find the best remedies to overcome this problem.

Fish oil and nutritious food

Today, most dog owners choose highly processed foods as their pet diet. The product is cheap, but there is drawback like allergy and skin rash. You need more natural foods with ultra-nutrient. The dogs must consume something to boost their immune. In this case, fish oil is the best option as it contains omega-3 that’s capable to enhance the immune and metabolism system.


Home remedies spray

As the quick solution for dog itching but no fleas, you may use home remedies. This idea can create uncomfortable feeling on dogs. You need to mix some natural oils and home remedies to create liquid. Spray directly on the area of itch. Try this one for one week, and see the result. It is much effective when the itch comes from minor allergy. The dogs may go around and lay in the place with highly sensitive compound.


Relaxed environment

Another method to get rid of itch on dogs is to create the relaxed environment. Stress is also the factor that’s capable to reduce immune system. Even though the dogs can be very active and friendly, it is better for preparing certain spot, so they will relax. While relaxing, you can give the dog itching remedies.


Probiotics and the vet

The quick way to boost immune is probiotics. You can buy it at the store, and choose the one for your dogs. Read the manual and apply regularly. After you try this method, go to the vet for further examination. Expert and professional will give insights related to the dog itching but no fleas case.

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