Dog Pooping Blood and Mucus: What’s the Cause and What to Do?

Dog Pooping Blood and Mucus 2

If you are wondering why your dog pooping blood and mucus, you did a good thing to search it up on the net to understand what causes it. Well, in case the reddish mucus is seen as a streak of light red mucus, this is commonly caused by some inflammation occurring on our canine friend’s large intestine.

The mucus is produced in order to keep the intestinal lining. You should not worry that much especially if the case does not develop into something worse, like there is apparent blood in the poop. Plus, if it is just once in a while occurrence, you should not dwell over it.

However, aside from the aforementioned reason, there are various reasons why your dog pooping blood and mucus should be seen as a red flag. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Your dog has internal parasites, such as roundworms.
  • There is a foreign object on its intestine.
  • Viral infection is occurring, such as parvovirus.
  • Colitis, which is described as an inflammation that takes place on the colon.
  • Upset stomach due to bad food intake.
  • Allergies
  • Cancer, and
  • Autoimmune disorders; for example, inflammatory bowel disease.

Keep in mind that blood and mucus in dog’s poop is just a general symptom – not a specific one. So, visiting a vet will help to identify the case why your dog is pooping blood and mucus.

With a broad range of possible causes, you can help your vet to determine the cause of the dog’s bloody poop by collecting the sample for a thorough examination. Besides, taking a ‘amateur report’ of your dog’s appetite and energy spurt will also assist the vet a lot.

Examining the stool is not the only method in finding the reason. Testing for viral diseases, doing blood work, as well as radiographic imaging can also be done depending on the dog’s additional symptoms.

The treatment will later be made according to the findings. In general, there are several common attempts that can be done to cure your dog, depending on the cause itself, such as:

  • If blood and mucus are coming as a result of garbage-eating act, special diet and complementary medication are usually offered.
  • Parasites will be ‘conquered’ by prescribing relevant medications. You will also be taught how to ensure the living situation of you and your dog is clean and healthy.
  • Viral infection is often considered as a deadly attack to your dog. Hence, your vet may recommend prompt hospitalization, IV administration, antibiotics to prevent secondary infection and some other relevant medications.
  • Lastly, if foreign body is the cause of your dog pooping blood and mucus, surgery will usually be indicated.

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