Dog Sniffles and Some Easy Home Remedies to Solve the Problems

dog sniffles

When you see your dog sniffles, you should give good treatment. Your dog may get gold and cough that will lead to the sniffles. It may not be big problems to worry, but surely your lovely pets feel so uncomfortable. Moreover, dogs need the nose to smell and it is already the natural characteristic. That is why when the nose gets problems, the dog may feel unwell and you will not see the pet as cheerful as usual.

There can be many solutions to solve the problems. When you are sure that the problem is about dog sniffles and cough, then there are some home remedies that will help. These remedies are fully safe and surely your dog will get better day by day.

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As what happens to people, steam can be helpful to solve the sniffle and runny nose. It can make the clear passage on the nose and nasal system, so the problems will get better. In this case, you can bring your dog to the bathroom. You can steam the bathroom and you can enjoy accompany the pet during the steaming process. Using humidifier may also become good alternative to choose. Of course, it can be good combination.

Chicken soup

When human gets cold and fever, chicken soup can give the solution. It can also work for dog. However, you should be careful since soup for human has onion that is bad for dogs. The sodium level can also bring bad impact for your dog. In case you want to make the soup, you should be careful. By having the soup, it will give better appetite since sometimes dog loses appetite and it will only make the recovery slower.

These three remedies are simple to make. However, you will find that these are quite effective to deal with the sniffle and cold on your dog. These will take some days, so you should be patients. If these do not have any good results on your dogs, of course bringing the pet to the vet is the best solution since there may be other serious problems on your pet more than just dog sniffles.

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