Dog Tracheal Collapse Home Treatment and Important Information about Tracheal Collapse

dog tracheal collapse home treatment

When you have dogs, you should know about the dog tracheal collapse home treatment. Of course, there are no pet owners who expect their lovely pets get some serious health problems. However, it is always good to know the important information. Moreover, it is serious health issues that can life-threatening problem. That’s why dog owners must know this well.

Things to Know about Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

Before going further to the discussion about dog tracheal collapse home treatment, it is good to know what collapsed trachea is. As its name, this is a serious health problems occurred in the dog’s trachea. Trachea is the wind pipe in the respiratory organs. Under certain conditions, the trachea can collapse and this leads to serious health. Unfortunately, there is no clear reason of why the collapse can occur.

Common Symptoms of Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

It is true that until now, some experts still find problems in figuring out the causes of tracheal collapse. However, it is possible to know the symptoms. Of course knowing the symptoms is better than knowing the dog tracheal collapse home treatment. It will give chance to take immediate treatment before things get worse. These are some of the symptoms.

  1. Goose honk
    This is one of the clear symptoms. Since the problem occurs in the trachea, coughing is the clear symptoms. The sound is quite different and the coughs can get worse when the dogs are excited. The sound is strange and you will know the difference when you have been years with your dogs.
  2. Difficulties in breathing
    Since it is to deal with the wind pipe organ, it is clear that the dogs will have difficulties in breathing. It can be seen from the movement of body while taking breath. Even, some dogs can go faint because of the difficulties.
  3. Blue-tinged gums
    Then, the gums will also get different colors. This can happen since there is limited amount of oxygen entering the gums and other organs due to breath difficulties. When this happens, usually the health issue has occurred for some days.

These three are the symptoms of collapsed trachea. However, veterinarians still have to do through check up and get x-ray to check the trachea. It is because those symptoms are also found in other health issues. That is why when the symptoms appear for more than two days, it is better to see the vet as soon as possible.

Information about Collapsing Trachea Dog Life Expectancy

After knowing more about the collapsing trachea, some pet owners may start to look for the information about the life expectancy. It is true that this is not simple health issue. The tracheal collapse can be life-threatening problems and dogs can die because of the health issue. There are also no clear causes and fixed symptoms of this problem.

However, it does not mean that that all dogs with the tracheal collapse will die. In fact, the dogs still can be treated and there are many kinds of treatment to save the lovely pets. They still can recover. Even, surgery can be taken under serious conditions and these are to make sure that the dogs will always have long life expectancy.

Can A Dog Die From A Collapsed Trachea?

Of course, this health issue can lead to death. The dogs can die when there is no proper treatment and immediate solution. When it keeps getting worse, the dogs will not be able to breathe, and this surely will make the dogs die. Even, human also needs to breathe and they will die when they cannot do it.

Moreover, the collapse of trachea can also lead to other serious health problems. The can be failure in some organs that require oxygen and the organs connected to the trachea. That is why it is important to get the immediate treatment. Even if there may be dog tracheal collapse home treatment, it is always better to find vet before doing the home treatment.

Some Options of Treatment & Medication for Collapsed Trachea in Dog

For the treatment, there are many kinds of option to take. These will be the consideration of the vet. Of course, it is also determined by the condition of dogs. There may also be dog tracheal collapse home treatment, but it is always better to see the vets and get proper medication.

  1. Cough suppressant
    For the first treatment, there are suppressants for cough. Since the cough is one of the symptoms and it can make the condition worse, reducing and suppressing the cough is important to do. It will prevent worsened inflammation on the wind pipe.
  2. Anti inflammation
    Most of the cough suppressant has anti-inflammation agents. However, sometimes these are not enough. That is why vet may prescribe dedicated anti inflammation. It is not only to cure and prevent the inflammation, but it is also to prevent the swelling that may come after that.
  3. Sedation
    The excitement and anxiety of your dogs can make conditions worse. That is why sedative medication must be given. This may make your dog’s less active, but it is for the sake of the recovery.
  4. Bronchodilators
    This is also part of the medications. This is to make the airways larger since the collapse may make the airway narrowed. It is also useful to help controlling the pressure and it makes it relief.
  5. Anabolic steroid
    Certain steroid is also able to choose. These are known to ease the inflammation. The steroids can also make the cartilage stronger. However, it must get prescription since some steroids give bad impacts on the collapsed trachea.

When talking about recommended dog tracheal collapse home treatment, it is more about treatment to prevent the collapse getting worse. There is no herb to choose since it can be risky. For the home treatment, it is important to keep the home clean. It is also important to keep supporting the dogs and make sure that the pet gains more weight since it will be useful for the recovery.

All of the information surely will become so useful. Although no one expect the problem, it is always better to know the problems. The information about the dog tracheal collapse home treatment, symptoms and other points of the collapsed trachea will give insights, so prevention may also be made.

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