Falkenburg Animal Shelter Information You Should Know before Adopting Your Pet

Falkenburg Animal Shelter Information You Should Know before Adopting Your Pet

Do you happen to look for Falkenburg animal shelter online? Good thing you are here. Animal adopting has been on the rise these days, since adopting can help you to meet lovely animals in a relatively cheaper price compared when you are buying an animal breed somewhere. Falkenburg area has many animal shelters that you can visit. So without further ado, let’s check out what these shelters are offering.

What animals can be found in animal shelters?

Generally, Falkenburg animal shelters have only dogs and cats under their roof. However, some shelters extended their care to smaller animals as well, such as rabbits and pocket animals – like birds, ferrets, and even chinchillas. Isn’t it amazing?

If you decide to adopt any from these shelters, they will charge you some money. This can be counted as donation and the money will be used for their operational, and of course, the animals’ food.


Why should you adopt, not buy?

This will arise another following question: why do people buy animals in the first place? People buy from the breeders because they simply want to have a certain dog or cat (or other animals) breeds. And this is also followed by the dirty truth about animals breeding – while there are still many neglected and housebroken animals out there, they keep making copious puppies, kittens, and any other litters for sale.

The second reason to adopt animals is related to the price. Adopting animals from the shelters will cost you much fewer bucks. Although not many shelters provide you specific breeds, it’s the lifetime companionship which is priceless – and you can get that from literally any animals. To compare, total adoption cost will be at max in $1,000. If you buy it from a breeder, that can be times higher.



For the pre-adoption, usually Falkenburg dog shelter, as well as cat shelter, will provide vaccination, deworming, flea treatment, micro-chipping, and even spaying. They can also provide health check-ups. Of course that will be counted into the adoption fee. With those jam-packed facilities, why don’t you just get your animal from the shelter? It’s also easy to process.



Shelters are mainly depending on donation. Every buck you donate will be used to expand the shelter’s ability to accommodate the needy animals. Your given resources will also be used for medical treatments in case the animals need it. Some will also provide behavior correction.


Where to find?

If you try to find Falkenburg animal shelter online, there should be many results shown. Make sure to check each website beforehand and read thoroughly what they are offering. There’s also people’s review regarding the shelter. That will help you to decide before going directly to the premises.

That’s thing you should know before finding the right shelter to visit. Hopefully this article will answer your question regarding Falkenburg animal shelter.

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