Finding Out the Fastest Dog Breeds in the World


Facts about the fastest dog breeds in the world are very interesting to find out. Dogs are the kind of animal which are very active and playful. Most of them are blessed with slender body structure and log legs. That’s why there is no wonder that many breeds of dog have the ability to run very fast. These breeds down below are sometimes considered as the breeds with the highest running speed. If you love fast rapid dogs, probably the breeds down below match you.

  1. Greyhound
    It is believed that Greyhound is the breed of dog with the highest running speed. A Greyhound dog can run really fast, approximately 70-72 km per hour (25 miles per hour). Their slender and sleek body, along with extremely long legs, allows them to move their legs very effectively and they can run really fast. Even though Greyhound can run fast, they are not active all day long. Sometimes, they love lying around on the floor or on the couch for a long time, too.
  2. Vizsla
    When it comes to a hunting dog, Vizsla is probably the most eligible choice. Being a prominent hunting dog, Vizsla dogs are blessed with extraordinary speeds while running. They can run 64 km per hour or approximately 40 miles per hour. Their body is packed with energy, almost all the time. If you want to keep a Vizsla, make sure you give them lots of chance to be outside and allow them to run around the area because they are simply one of the fastest dog breeds in the world.
  3. Saluki
    Saluki is an Arabian dog. It has the speed of 64 to 69 km per hour, far beyond the average dog speed. The dog is very gracious, especially in the Middle East. It is praised for its speed, beauty, and good personality. The name “Saluki” itself means “noble” in Arabian language. They are considered as outside dogs with the love for sunshine and open airs.

Those are some of the fastest breeds of dog all across the world. They can definitely run very fast, probably faster than average human being. If you love to keep fast dog, do remember that they are not the easiest breeds to train. They move all the time and you probably have to spare extra energy just to watch them and keep them safe. This is why fastest dog breeds are not recommended to be kept by busy people with very little time to spend with the dog.

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