Flea and Heartworm Pill Brands Recommended for Your Canine Pets

Flea and Heartworm Pill Brands Recommended for Your Canine Pets

Flea and heartworm pill is one of the many available methods to prevent and control parasite growth on your dog. However, as there are so many options to choose from in the market, the list below aims to help you in getting to know three of the recommended brands to help you pick the right one.


This flavored pill carries two ingredients to protect your dog from heartworms, fleas, and several types of intestinal parasites: milbemycin oxime and Spinosad. Milbemycin oxime attacks the heartworm larvae in the pet’s blood circulation by defecting their nervous system. It destroys whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms as well.

However, it cannot eliminate adult heartworms, so it is recommended to get your god tested for heartworm infection prior to administering this medicine. Spinosad is another active ingredient that works to destroy adult fleas before they produce eggs on the pets. It also targets the neurological function of the parasite as the other ingredient.

This medicine is allowed for animals with minimum weight of 5 pounds and age of 8 weeks old. The product must be administered with food once a month. The possible side effects include vomiting, especially in puppies less than 14 weeks old.



The next recommended flea and heartworm pill in one is Sentinel. Similar to Trifexis, it also contains active ingredient of milbemycin oxime. However, instead of Spinosad, it uses lufenuron to prevent eggs of fleas to be hatched or grew into adult fleas by attacking the parasite’s exoskeleton essential component production called chitin.

The lufenuron may be able to restrain the life cycle of the flea, but it cannot kill the already grown fleas. It is important to know, because your pet may still suffer from the bites of fleas if they are allergic or sensitive to the bugs. A supplemental product may be needed to control the adult flea for dogs with sensitivity to it.

Sentinel should be given on monthly basis. It is not recommended for pups younger than 4 weeks old or lighter than 2 pounds. For optimum effectiveness, administer the med with food.


Sentinel Spectrum

This flea and heartworm pill treatment is mostly similar to Sentinel. However, it contains additional ingredient called praziquantel to prevent infections caused by tapeworm. It also should be administered once a month with food, and is recommended for pets with at least 2 pounds of weight and 6 weeks old of age.

A vet’s prescription is needed to administer any of the three medication options above. The vet will perform a test first to ensure that your pet is not infected by heartworm first. Using flea and heartworm pill for dog with heartworm infection might cause heavy reaction, or worse, death.

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