The Best Guinea Pig Shampoo with Natural Ingredients

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As a guinea pig lover, you should know about guinea pig shampoo. Your Guinean needs to be cleaned as routine as possible. In addition, bathing your pet is always an enjoyable activity. It is one activity where anyone can deepen the bond with their guinea pig. However, this situation can lead to disaster if you are using the wrong shampoo, or worse, you do not use a shampoo at all.

Natural Guinea Pig Shampoo

Finding the best guinea pig shampoo is not easy to do because there are so many types of shampoos available in the market. Actually, there are some best guinea pig shampoos you can choose. Before choosing the best one, just check the list of the shampoo below.

1. The Best Shampoo for a Long Haired Guinea Pig

For those who have a long haired guinea pig, bathing becomes a challenging task. It seems hard to put the guinea pig into the water. At the same time, you also have to make sure that the long hair is totally dry otherwise it triggers health problems. One of the best shampoos is Kaytee Squeaky Clean. The best part of this shampoo is that you don’t need to pour the liquid to the hair of your lovely guinea pig.

Long Haired Guinea Pig

Pouring the shampoo to the hair of the guinea pigs make them uncomfortable. Kaytee Squeaky Clean gives a comfortable alternative in which you just have to spray the shampoo to the hair of the guinea pig. By using this type of shampoo you will not make your cute guinea pig panic during bathing time. You just need to spray the shampoo and massage it gently. Apply the product regularly based on the instruction and you will have a cute guinea pig along with shiny and healthy long hair.

2. The Best Shampoo for Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pig Care 

Taking care of guinea pig is tricky. You have to know the character of your guinea pig before taking care of them including applying shampoo. So, what kind of guinea pig shampoo you can use to take care of them comfortably. One of the options is the Arm and Hammer shampoo for guinea pig care. It is a perfect product to take care of your guinea pig because Arm and Hammer shampoo is a tearless product. Guinea pig is uncomfortable if something enters their eyes including water or shampoo. It might causes burst and even shaking. Besides tearless in which safe for the eyes of the guinea pig, this product is also effectively removed the bad body odor. You just need to pour the shampoo slowly and gently to the hair of this pet and massage the hair comfortably. Do it for a few seconds or minutes before washing the hair. Just make sure that the hair is totally clean from the shampoo and dry enough after the bathing time.

3. The Best Shampoo for Guinea Pig Bath

Guinea Pig Bath 

Bathing is one of the most important activities for a guinea pig. By taking a bath, you can keep your guinea pig clean and healthy. Your guinea pig will have perfect and interesting hair to see. One thing that you need to consider before choosing the best shampoo for guinea pig bath is the ingredients. Just make sure that the ingredients are free from dangerous chemicals. A specific guinea shampoo such as Odie and Cody Natural Pet Shampoo is a good option. Just like the name of the product, this shampoo is made of natural ingredients. A non-chemical and natural guinea pig shampoo is able to keep your lovely guinea pig healthy, especially their hair and skin. The shampoo has to be acted as a moisturizer without triggering any side effects. If you have guinea pigs with allergies, you can choose Odie and Cody because the natural ingredients can treat the allergies.

4. The Best Baby Guinea Pigs Shampoo

Baby Guinea Pigs Shampoo

Baby guinea pig needs special treatment due to their sensitive skin and hair. Because of that, you need to find the best baby guinea pigs shampoo. You can take G That’s Awesome Certified Organic Pet Shampoo. From the name of the product, you can notice that this guinea pig shampoo is made of organic ingredients. The organic ingredients are natural and non-chemical so it is safe enough for the guinea pig or the hand of the owners. Because of the ingredients, this product is also safe for a guinea pig with sensitive skin. The ingredients don’t trigger irritation and make the skin of the pets dry. Another benefit is that the ingredients make the hair of the guinea pig smell good because it helps to remove dirt and bad odor effectively.

If you need some more references, you can also choose a shampoo known as All Natural Anti-Itch Oatmeal Shampoo. Actually, it is written that the product is used for dogs and cats but it is not only limited only for them. Due to the natural and oatmeal ingredients, this shampoo is suitable for all pets including guinea pigs. The product is made of natural plant-based shampoo. The ingredients are able to clean the hair from dirt and any kind of things that trigger itchy. As a result, your guinea pig will be fresh and healthy. They can play without scratching their hair or skin all the time. The most important thing, it doesn’t trigger any side effects.


The Best Shampoo Products for Guinea Pigs

So, how to choose the best shampoo for them? Here listed some of the best products for almost everyone to make their Guineans cleaner and healthier.

1. Odie and Cody Natural Pet Shampoo

Odie and Cody Natural Pet Shampoo

The United States made in pet shampoo is recommended by veterinarian. This product is best known for natural non-chemical ingredients. Natural ingredients for pets are said to be safer than chemical containing one, because it might harm or damage the pet’s skin. Even more, guinea pig is a critter animal which skin is so thin and smooth. Pet owner should look for moisturizer shampoo that will not produce any side-effect to their pets. Odie and Cody shampoo is also effective for pets that have allergies. It medicates them gently.

2. Tearless “Arm & Hammer” Shampoo Specially Made for Small Animals

Tearless Arm Hammer Shampoo

Why do we need a tearless shampoo for guinea pig? Well, sometimes pets, including guinea pigs, are not comfortable to be washed or bathed around their eyes area. It might cause them to burst into tears. It even makes them shaking. This Arm & Hammer shampoo is not only good because it’s clean, but also for its tearless feature on every pet. It also removes any unwanted body odors from your pet. Moreover, it is also easy to use. Just one of the best guinea pig shampoo you can encounter.

3. Kaytee Squeaky Clean for Critter Shampoo

Kaytee Squeaky Clean for Critter Shampoo

If you don’t like wet condition when bathing your Guineans, this is a solution for you. Kaytee critter shampoo comes in the shape of spray. You don’t need to handle your panicking pets. All you have to do is spraying it on your pets’ body then massage it gently. As the best guinea pig shampoo, kaytee critter shampoo does its job perfectly well. This could also become a nice product to teach children to take care of their pets. In fact, it does every other pet shampoo’s job nicely. You can undoubtedly use Kaytee critter shampoo as the recommended guinea pig shampoo for your beloved furry friend.

The Way to Apply the Shampoo  

After learning about some of the best guinea pig shampoos you can use, you need to learn how to use the guinea pig shampoo. First, you have to prepare a bowl of warm water. You can use a bathtub or sink for an easier option. You just need to fill the bathtub or sink 1.5 inches and don’t fill it too much. Second, bring the guinea pig and put them in the bathtub or sink. Do it slowly and gently so it doesn’t make them panic or uncomfortable. Wait for a few minutes until your guinea pig calm and enjoy the water. Third, pour warm water onto the guinea pig slowly. Then, apply the best guinea shampoo. Try not to apply the shampoo in the ears and eyes. Pour warm water again onto the guinea pig to clean the shampoo. Fourth, when it is done and you are sure that the shampoo is clean enough from the skin or hair, use a small towel to dry the hair. Just do it slowly until it is totally dry.

The point is that keeping your guinea pig health is not only asking them to take a bath but also the way to choose the best guinea pig shampoo. The information above helps to decide the best guinea shampoo to use which is safe and effective to clean your lovely guinea pig.


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