Hairballs in Cats Home Remedy by Using Three Different Methods

Hairballs in Cats Home Remedy by Using Three Different Methods

Hairballs in cats home remedy methods below can help you, in case you’re currently encountering this problem. Kittens have been taught how to groom their body properly by their mothers as soon as they were born as routine. However, it is possible that the licking activity ends up with hairballs. You might feel like the hairball is unpleasant, but it is even more so for your feline friend because it’s so uncomfortable – even painful sometimes. Luckily, you can put a stop in this by using one of these tips below:

Hair brushing removal

Regularly brushing the cat is the simplest way to eliminate hairballs. Your fur friends will groom themselves and swallow the hair less frequently. Tools like undercoat rake or furminator brush work great for both short and long-haired cats. Use slick brush to detangle the hair. Start by brushing several strokes each session and build the amount up from there.


Consuming more digestive enzymes and fiber

The next hairballs in cats home remedy is done by adding digestive aids into the cat’s meal. The enzymes work by breaking down the swallowed hair inside their digestive tracts, thus they can pass it in easier way. The beneficial nutrition inside the enzymes will be extra bonus because the foods that your cat consumed will be absorbed and digested better. For cats that are on peak shedding period or are naturally heavy shedders, it is recommended to put a teaspoon of pumpkin on their meal. It contains fiber that helps move ingested hair through the system.


Adding fish oil to their food

Fish oil is extracted from various fish species such as sardine, salmon, or pollock. It is amongst the most popular supplement for pets given by their owners. Between many benefits of it, treating hairballs in cats naturally is one of them. Fish oil will nourish your pet’s skin and fur to minimalize shedding and nourish the intestinal tracts move the hair that’s hard to ingest. It is the best source of Omega 3 substance for pets and is safe to be given daily.

Shedding is something that’s majority of domestic cats do year long – with the usual peak between spring and fall. By incorporating natural and healthy diets, such as wet meal type and combining with healing methods provided in the list, it might help to reduce the amounts of hairballs. If hairballs in cats home remedy above doesn’t work for your cat and the problem persists, contact your personal vet to find out the best solution.

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