The Most Expensive Breeds of Hairless Cat for Sale

hairless cat for sale

Finding hairless cat for sale is not hard. They are sold basically everywhere because people love them. People want to keep them as a pet and this is the main reason why hairless cat has high price on the price tags. Hairless cat or Sphynx cat is essentially unique. They have distinguished physical appearance. With their lack of hair on the body, they are seen as something eccentric. What breeds of hairless cat have the highest price on the market? Here they are.

The Highest Price Sphynx Cat Breeders

  • Minskin
    Minskin is one of the most expensive cat breeds with no hair on its body. This small cat is well-known for its baldness and cuteness. Their legs are quite small and short, making Minskin looks very adorable. Even though the physical structure of this hairless cat is tiny, Minskin has big personality. This cat loves to socialize and it loves people. The average price for people to buy a Minskin is around $1,500- $5,000.
  • Elf Cat
    elf cat
    Elf Cat is a unique-looking cat. It is hairless and has big ears. That is why this type of cat is called the elf cat. They do resemble elves on movies and books. Elf cat is very active and playful. Its unique physical appearance, sometimes completed by spots, makes them look so cute and adorable. Most elf cats are the product of Sphynx and American curl crossover. For the price, you need to pay for $2,500-$6,000 to get this hairless cat for sale.
  • Peterbald
    Peterbald is probably the most expensive hairless cat in the world. If you want to keep a hairless cat and you are avoiding a Sphynx, you can choose Peterbald instead. Finding a Peterbald is sometimes harder than finding Sphynx cats for rehoming. Peterbald are rarer compared to Sphynx. It has almost bald body, only covered with very fine hair and they have delicate structure on the body as well. Buying this playful and friendly cat can cost you anywhere at $5,000 – $8,000.

Things to Know about Sphynx the Hairless Cat for Sale

The hairless cat for sale is one of the animals with many demands nowadays. Although they look magical or even creepy for some people, in fact, some types of hairless cat are considered rare animals. The absence of the hair is considered unique so that the prices also tend to be very expensive. One of the most popular hairless cats is Sphynx.

Although the name is very Egypt, in fact, this cat is none related to this country. Originally, Sphynx cat is from Canada and it is bred due to genetically manipulation. For the unique and strange condition, it needs special treatments. Moreover, in their early ages, animals are prone to death. Meanwhile, there are some interesting facts regarding this type of cat with no hair. Check them out.

1. The Process of Sphynx Cat Adoption

Sphynx Cat Adoption

Different from other breeds of cat that can be easily found around, Sphynx cat tends to be rare. Therefore, although selling and buying transactions are common, it is not with adoption. In fact, the official adoption process is only possible to be done in animal shelters. In the shelters, homeless animals including dogs, cats, and even birds are taken care of. Meanwhile, there is almost no homeless Sphynx cat. Without the shelter staff must take care of them, there must be people who hunt this species if only there is a Sphynx cat walking around.

But you should not worry; the process of adoption is still possible if you are going directly to the owners. There are people who keep Sphynx cat and even breed the animals professionally. In the case that the owners are really kindhearted, you can just adopt them. Sure, the best and easiest way to have this type of rare cats is by buying them.

2. How to Take Care the Baby Hairless Cat Sphynx

Baby Hairless Cat Sphynx

It has been mentioned above that the body of a Sphynx cat is very sensitive and even prone to death. This way, mainly when the cat is around 0-3 months, you need to give it extra care. There are some treatments that must be done since the cat is still a baby until it grows older. The cat must take a shower regularly at least twice a week. Different from other cats in which you can use a special shampoo and soap for animal, you must use baby soap.

Wiping the body gently using a smooth towel is necessary to avoid irritation. Besides, the baby Sphynx must be taken in a warm and clean place. You need to prepare a special place for them to go sleeping. Meanwhile, when it is the time for breastfeeding, the baby Sphynx can just be given to its mom. You should not worry since the cat is very loyal and charming. Later, the Sphynx cat will give you all the love it has.

How are about the treatments for adults? The process is just the same but you must clean it in more details to get rid of the dirt. As you have known, the older the cat is it is getting more active. Sphynx cat that has been accustomed to being washed since it was a baby enjoys the bathing activity so much. Not to forget, clean carefully the area of eyes, ears, and teeth. Cutting the nails regularly is needed to avoid germ and bacteria to be there.

3. The Sphynx Hairless Cat Price

Sphynx Hairless Cat Price

So, this is the most important question. How is the price of a hairless cat for sale? Although many people think the cat is quite weird, the Sphynx cats are under the category of a high-class animal. Even a cat can be priced at least around $300. Of course, many of the cats are priced more than that up to $6,000. It depends on the appearance and also age anyway. a more unique cat tends to be more expensive for its rarity. Meanwhile, adult cats are also more expensive than the baby. But sure, it also means that if you want to have a Sphynx cat with a relatively cheap price, you can buy the young one. Then, take care of it until it grows adult.

Sphynx Cat itself is generated into some other variants. It is due to the hybridization. Again, the rarest hybrid tends to have the most expensive as well. For examples, there are Dwelf Cat, Don Sphynx Cat, Elf Cat, Ukrainian Levkoy. A Dwelf Cat is a product of hybridization among Sphynx, Munchkin, and American Curl. Meanwhile, Don Sphynx Cat is another product of genetic manipulation that is quite similar to the Sphynx cat but both are actually different.

However, not all hybridization processes are successful. Some of them are quite difficult so that only some of them that can survive until adult. Sure, it causes some certain species are getting rarer and you must spend more money to have them.

4. Where are the Sphynx kittens for sale near me?

Sphynx kittens

Although this cat is considered rare, it doesn’t mean that finding one of them is very difficult. Sphynx cats can be found in the pet stores around although the species numbers are limited. When you cannot find the cat in a store near you, the simplest way to do is by making an order. This way, when there are some Sphinx kittens coming, your name has been enlisted as the buyer.

Another easy way is by buying them online. However, buying pets online require some terms and conditions since it is related to the life of the animal. It is impossible to pack animals for a long time and then sends it to your house. Therefore, if the online store doesn’t want to take a risk, you should not force it. Sure, the best choice is making an order first and then picking the kitten up directly to the store. So, those are the most possible ways to get a Sphynx cat for sale.

Now, it is clear that keeping a hairless cat, especially those three breeds above, will not be something too cheap to do. Make sure you have money to begin with purchasing, and the money for aftercare, such as for grooming, special diet, vet visits, and so on. If you think you are not ready for all of those, refrain yourself from finding hairless cat for sale today and wait until you are ready.

Finally, make sure to commit well if you are deciding to buy a Sphynx cat. Not only is it about the expensive price, but even the treatments also need extra patients and money for sure. So, are you interested to find a hairless cat for sale?

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