Hemangiosarcoma Dog Symptoms and the Most Common Signs You Should Know

Hemangiosarcoma Dog Symptoms and the Most Common Signs You Should Know

In fact, understanding hemangiosarcoma dog symptoms is very important for dog owner. This is the type of cancer that happens in dog’s blood vessels wall. Even though the cancer is still considered as treatable, the dog can be in jeopardy if the owner does not notice the symptoms in the first place. Here are some of common symptoms for the diseases.


Lumps on the Belly

One of the most noticeable hemangiosarcoma dog symptoms is the lumps on the belly. If your dog usually likes being belly-rubbed, but suddenly does not want to get that anymore and you see a lump (a small one) on the belly, it can be something dangerous, and it is one of the signs of this cancer. Take the dog to the vet ASAP.


The Blackish/ Reddish Mass on the Skin

Another noticeable signs of canine hemangiosarcoma is the sudden appearance of blackish or reddish mass on the skin. It shows that underneath the skin, something is wrong with the blood vessels. You need to get medical help immediately as you can see the strange mass on the skin can spread and get bigger.


The Significant Weight Loss

As in any types of cancer, dogs suffering from this disease will have no appetite and their body is slowly destroyed from the inside. Of course, the dogs will experience weight loss. If the weight loss seems to be extreme and significant, you may want to take them to the expert immediately to find the way out and keep them getting nutrition they needs. It will also allow the vet to get medical examination soon.


The Lameness

This disease causes energy drain for the dogs. They won’t feel energetic anymore. So, when your usually-happy-and-active dogs are suddenly so lame and sluggish, you may want to get further examination as it can be one of the signs of the cancerous disease. Never underestimate changes, even little ones, in the dog’s behavior. It may be critical to the dog’s life anyway.

If you notice your dog shows one or two or all of those signs mentioned above, make sure you bring it to the vet as soon as possible. It will save the life and keep it with you. Cancer is dangerous anyway and albeit hemangiosarcoma is deemed milder, you cannot take it for granted. Get medical help immediately after the dog shows hemangiosarcoma dog symptoms.


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