Hookworm Symptoms in Dogs that Every Owner Needs to Understand

Hookworm Symptoms in Dogs that Every Owner Needs to Understand

Understanding hookworm symptoms in dogs is certainly important for every dog owner. Hookworm is a kind of parasite living in the intestine of dog. It is not supposed to be there as it can suck blood and wreak havoc on the dog’s overall health. So, of course, you need to know the main symptoms shown by dogs when they do have hookworm inside. These are some of them.


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Bloody Stool

When there are blood-sucking parasites living in the intestine, surely the entire bowel movement system will be interfered. This is why bloody stool is often happening when your dog has hookworm inside. The parasites suck blood from the inside of your dog, and the blood will leak to the stool, hence causing the bloody stool.


Weight Loss

Since there are parasites inside the body of the dogs, they surely will experience weight loss. They will not gain weight properly as they simply can’t. The parasites suck blood and also nutrition to prevent the body from helping the dog gaining proper weight. Therefore, if your dogs are way too thin, check for this possibility and bring them to the vet as soon as you can.



In addition, one of the most obvious hookworm symptoms in dogs is coughing. The coughing is usually quite severe, and although this can be many other diseases, it is believed coughing shows the efforts from dog to expel something unwanted from the inside of their body. If they experience heavy coughing, call the vet immediately.


Poor Haircoat

Another symptom is when the appearance of the dog gets altered, especially on its haircoat. The coat is falling heavily, and this can be caused by the hookworm. To make sure it is indeed the case, you need to do medical check-up on the dog as soon as possible. This way, you can figure out the right way on how to treat hookworms in dogs.

Besides those symptoms, there are still many more. Surely, it is better for you to make sure that you have the contact of dog’s vet at the ready. This way, anytime your dog shows suspicious behaviors or appearance that may lead to hookworm infection; you can bring the dog to vet as fast as you can. Knowing the symptoms early will really help in saving your dog’s life. Well, the hookworm symptoms in dogs are not those to take for granted anyway.


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