How to Help Your Cat Pass a Hairball with Effective Methods and Implementation

how to help your cat pass a hairball 2

As the cat owner, you must know how to help your cat pass a hairball. At first glance, it seems a simple issue because the cats often swallow their fur during grooming. Most owners think this situation is normal. If you see your cats do this, it means they have good digestive system, but they cannot dissolve the fur. Their body will send it back, and the cat may cough a hairball. Unfortunately for some cases, this situation happens many times. In this case, you must take the immediate action.

Do not stress

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You can start by making a stress-free situation. The cats like the relaxing atmosphere if they feel uneasiness in their stomach. In this case, let your cat to be in the peaceful spot. Moreover, make sure you do not push them with extra play or anything. Stress-free environment will improve their metabolism, especially in the digestive tract.


More water

When your pet has cat hairball vomit, the first treatment is using water. It is important for maintaining water level. As a note, it must be clean water with no additional compound. As you know, extra liquid inside body will dissolve everything easily. More hairballs may come from cough, and the cats must drink extra water. Apply this method regularly, and the cat will be in the normal state soon.


Fiber meal

You may ask about how to help your cat pass a hairball, and one solution is using fiber meal. Cats and human have similarity in term of certain metabolism. When the body is lack of fiber, there is an issue related to the digestive system. You must read the ingredients and the list of nutrients in cat foods first. Choose the one with more fiber. Combine the fiber meal and fresh water for the excellent result.


Natural remedy

Some oils are natural remedy for digestive issue. If the pet stores do not have such oils, you can visit the vet. The experts will recommend the alternative medicine, including how to apply it directly. The cat must consume the oil with the right method and dosage.

Having a hairball is normal thing for animal with fur like cats. You will experience the similar situation in dogs. They groom their fur and body then the furs are swallowed to enter the digestive tract. They are accumulated at certain point that must be dissolved. In general, all furs will pass and end as poop. However, knowing how to help your cat pass a hairball is necessary.

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