How to Make Hummingbird Food with Sugar Ratio for the Right Recipe into Food Feeder

How to Make Hummingbird Food with Sugar Ratio for the Right Recipe into Food Feeder

You need to know hummingbird sugar water ratio before adding the food in the feeder. In fact, too much sugar will affect the body and health. It happens slowly, but in short period. This bird is relatively small, so excess glucose may harm the organs. That’s why you must create the right sugar ratio. More information will be explained at the following section.

The food ratio

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Sugar water ratio for hummingbird is 1:3 or 1:4 with one is for sugar. You can mix one cup of sugar into three cups of water. This is extreme because the glucose level is high, but less excessive. However, you cannot put more sugar because it may endanger the bird. Reducing 1:4 rations is the proper way to moderate the sugar level. Lowering more than this ratio is still acceptable, but birds will not satisfy. Therefore, pick 1:4 as the best option and 1:3 when you intend to increase the food level.


Other sweetener

After knowing hummingbird sugar water ratio, you may want to know either other sweeteners are compatible to not. This species will go around looking for flowers with rich nectar. As alternative, the birds may visit some trees and plants, including the sweet fruits. From observation, the bird will prefer natural sweet from sugar. In that case, you must use granulated white sugar. It contains pure glucose and less artificial compound. Make sure you pick the refined one.

Honey and syrup seem to be eligible as substitution. However, both are not recommended for hummingbird. Honey has the sweet taste but too strong. It is not pure sugar even though the base ingredient is still nectar. Bees produce this one for their own purpose. Syrup and other processed sweetener are not eligible for hummingbird. They contain artificial compound with extra processed.


Bird feeder instruction

After preparing water and sugar, mix both based on previous ratio. After that, you should clean the hummingbird feeder then put the new liquid. Store the remaining liquid in the fridge. You can make this food for up to two weeks. For your information, the feeder should be in the spot with less human intervention, where the birds can easily fly around and approach it without hesitation.

Feeding hummingbird brings joy and excitement. This bird is too afraid of human, unless you are in close location. Observing the way the food is eaten is the best moment. You may teach your kids to make the right food after knowing hummingbird sugar water ratio.

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