Hummingbird Feeder Ratio Information and How to Make the Nectar

Hummingbird Feeder Ratio Information and How to Make the Nectar

When you are looking for hummingbird feeder ratio, you must have the generosity of making your own nectar for the surrounding hummingbirds. Indeed, when you love bird watching, one of the best ways to attract those birds is to make nectar, and hang it around your house. How to make the nectar, and how much is the ratio? Find out about them on the information below.

Ingredients to Prepare

The best hummingbird food recipes always involve a few ingredients only. Essentially, you only need 2 ingredients to do that. The first ingredient is sugar and the second one is water. Some people add honey and food coloring as well to the recipe. However, it is not necessary and you won’t even need them on the ingredients list.


The Sugar-Water Ratio

Now let’s talk about the hummingbird feeder ratio. The ratio is 1:4. It means that you have to prepare 1 cup of sugar and 4 cups of water. Yes, the water is literally 4 times double the amount of sugar because the nectar should not be too thick. When it is too thick, the bird will have the difficulties of consuming them.

The water cannot be more than that, too. When the nectar is too watery, it won’t taste that sweet and it won’t attract the bird. This is why the ratio has to be right. Follow the 1:4 ratio strictly and the taste of the nectar will be just right, as well as for the consistency. The birds will always get attracted to the feeder all the time.


How to Make the Nectar

To make the nectar, you need to heat up the water on top of a stove until it is boiling. Then, add the sugar and stir until the sugar is completely dissolves. The color of the mixture should be like light golden caramel color. Turn off the stove and let the mixture cooled down before transferring it to the bird feeder container.


Where to Hang Them?

Hang the container on a shady place. Usually, it is down by the tree or somewhere around the porch and garden. Make sure the feeder is not too high for you to reach as you have to change the whole thing every once in a while.

Now, you have seen everything you need to know about making the nectar or making the food for hummingbirds. When you do it right, the birds are surely going to come to your area very often and you can bird watch as you please. Follow the instruction up there and you will end up making the best food for the hummingbird with the correct hummingbird feeder ratio.

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